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Frank Riley
04-01-2008, 06:27 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know I was a past owner of a 67 GT500 Cobra Mustang (Shelby). #1264, I owned it for about 11 years, purchase price as the 3rd owner was $8000, I then sold it for $20,000 early 90s, today I could never afford a car like that they are well over $100,000.

I am looking to buy a Cobra Mustang, I prefer a hard top but would consider a nice convertable, I am in the Sacramento, California area but would travel short trips. I am also interested in a low milage car, prefer 10,000-30,000 miles or less. Stock condition or pro mods fine. Please give me a call or email me. I am very motivated and a long time Mustang Owner.

Frank Riley
(916) 393-6830
(916) 552-9985
Sacramento, California

04-01-2008, 09:31 PM
Love those early model Shelbys and 1967 was my favorite year! :thumbsup:

04-16-2008, 10:57 AM
Love those early model Shelbys and 1967 was my favorite year! :thumbsup:
'67 GT500 Fastback in the Ford Racing color scheme has always been my dream car. For the current day, the New Age GT500 is the next best thing. :thumbsup: One day, hope to find Angel's match in 1967 if the prices are not so crazy. And God Willing, I shall have her for years to come.

Frank, what Cobra, specifically, are you searching for. I have good connection to a Ford Dealer and several Collectors in my area and can keep an eye out for you. Soon, the GT500s 07+, should be had for good pricing. This may be your best option, in that or a SVT Cobra, for the best available condition and low miles.