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04-10-2008, 03:13 PM
S! SCMC Yahoo!

HPD - Houston Performance Driving invites SCMC to Judgment Day 1320* (Track Day).

Judgment Day (Car Show and Track Day) is upon us all and it's time to test your might! It's time to show why Houston is The Power City! Houston's top crews, tuners and shops will be coming out to show who the top dogs are. You have been CALLED OUT! Come join this fun filled event @ Lonestar Motorsports Park in Sealy, TX. April 26th, 2008. Are you fast enough?!http://www.houstonperformancedriving.com/forums/images/smilies/cowboy.gif

I. Event Outline:

Teams and Independents will battle it out for bragging rights in some 1/4 mile 1320ft action! Classes will break down drivers to provide competitive racing. (*Please see Section II on class info*) Houston area shops, tuners, and crews will be invited to show/race their builds. There will also be a car show on the complex grounds as well. Show teams will also be invited to Judgment Day. (*Please see Section IV on Team info*) Awards will be given out for Drag and Show winners at the end of the day. Enjoy the seXXXy car models that will be on hand helping out. Please bring out the whole family and enjoy the day with Houston Performance Driving.com (HPD).

Cost to race = $25.00
Cost to show = $10.00
Spectator = $10.00
60mph to 130mph Event = $50.00
2 Dyno Pulls = $50.00

When: April 26th, 2008. (Saturday)
What: Judgment Day: 1320*
Where: Lonestar Motorsports Park.
Who: Everyone!
How: Open bottle, purge, and hit red button!
Why: F-U-N!

II. Classes:

Important: All classes will race at the same time. There will no time slots for certain classes.

A) Street Tires/Drag Radial Class: Overdrive Required*

- Import: Asian Class.
- Import: Euro Class.
- Domestic Class.

B) Slicks and Skinnies/Drag Pack Class:

- Import Class.
- Domestic Class.

C) Unlimited Class: Racecar*

- Racecar Class.

D) Truck/SUV Class:

- Get'r done!

E) Sport Bike Class: Unlimited.

- 2 Wheels of fury!

Note* HPD Coordinators will advise you when you tech in at the staging lanes.

III. Awards:

Drag Awards:

- Fastest Import - Asian: Street/DR Class.
- Fastest Import - Euro: Street/DR Class.
- Fastest Domestic: Street/DR Class.
- Fastest Import: Drag Pack Class.
- Fastest Domestic: Drag Pack Class.
- Fastest Unlimited.
- Fastest Truck.
- Fastest Bike.
- Fastest Crew. (HPD will not be eligible)
- Fastest Shop.
- Fastest Independent.
* More TBA.

IV. Team Info:

A) Crews:

- Houston Performance Driving.
- Fearless Performance.
- Palmer Performance.
- Secret Service.
- 3rd Coast Lightnings.
- LS1-Tech.
- SCMC Cobra Club.
- Houston-Imports.com.
- Row Goat Productions.
- H-Town Racing.
- BavarianSPEED.
- Moto-Houston.
- SixSpeedOnline.com.
- Sun*Works.
- Corvette Club of Houston.
- SHCC: Sam Houston Corvett Club.
- The Woodlands Car Club.
- Team IKON.
- Team NextStage.
- SupraFourms.com.
- M3Forum.com.
- Bimmerforums.com.
- 5 Star*
- G35/37 Driver.com.
- my350Z.com.
- E46Fanatics.com.
* More TBA.

*If you wish to have your name team name added please PM xtc4us. (or taken down).

B) Tuners/Shops:

- Village Automotive.
- Secret Service.
- PSI.
*More TBA.

C) Sponsors:

- Village Automotive.
- Z's Automotive and Muffler Shop.
- Alliance Maintenance and Service.
- Frank-N-Stiens Bar and Grill.
- M.T.I. Motorsport Technologies, Inc.
- PSI.
- Fastlane.
- Crown Staffing Inc.
*More TBA.

*Note - Sponsor cut off date is 4/16/08. This way we can get the T-Shirts ordered in time. - Thank you!

V. Night Meet:

When: Friday April 25th, 2008. (Friday).
Where: Frank-N-Stiens Bar and Grill: 233 South Mason Rd. Katy. TX 77450
Link: http://www.franknsteinsbarandgrill.com/ (http://www.franknsteinsbarandgrill.com/)
Time: Starting @ 8PM and ending @ Midnight.

Come and hang out before Judgment Day. Get to know some people over some cold drinks and good food!

VI. T-Shirts:

- Will be available for purchase at the Night Meet (Location TBA*) and Judgment Day. (Lonestar Motorsports Park)

- Sponsors will be on the back of the T-Shirt.

- *If you wish to sponsor this event please PM Garett Oliphant (G-Z06) or Troy Dixon (xtc4us) and we will get all the info to you ASAP!

VII. Questions and Concerns:

- If you have questions or concerns of any kind. Please PM Troy (xtc4us) or Garret (G-Z06) and one of us will get back ASAP. Please us the HPD forum.

- If you have positive suggestions please PM them ASAP so we can see about incorporating into the event.

VIII. Terms of Service:

- No Drivers under the age of 18 please.
*More TBA.

IX. Track Info:

Lonestar Motorsports Park is located 38 miles west of Houston at: 120 Old Columbus Road South Sealy, Texas 77474 979-877-0922.

X. Thanks to!

THANK YOU: Darrin Chippi for getting the ball rolling on this project.

THANK YOU: John Hennessey for allowing us to use Lonestar Motorsport Park for this event.

THANK YOU: Los of Houston-Imports.com for all your support!

THANK YOU: Peter Blach for coordinating the 60-130 Event for Judgment Day.

Please come out and support your favorite crew or indy at Judgment Day 1320* Car Show/Drag Day. Enjoy the rumble, sounds, and energy of Houston's top crews and shops.

***THIS THREAD IN NOT COMPLETE*** Wanted to get the general info posted so everyone can make plans on making the event.