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04-28-2008, 12:19 PM
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WOW!! Talk about a buyers market!!!

Nice parts on both of these beauties!!

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04-28-2008, 05:07 PM
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Sorry.. I'll copy and paste the 93 LX...

FS: 93 Mustang Racecar and Enclosed Trailer


1993 Ford Mustang LX – Calypso Green
Includes 24’ Haulmark Enclosed Trailer and Assorted Goodies
$15,000.00 for everything

A complete turnkey setup to go racing or simply bust some ass at OT events. The car is built to fit NASA American Iron class rules, only minor updates required to compete.
1:20.0 at Waterford Hills, 1:36.1 at Gingerman

Engine: (NEW as of October 2007, appx 2.5 hrs use)
• DSS 331 c.i. Stroker, 10.5:1 CR
• TFS Twisted Wedge Heads
• TFS Street Heat Intake, 3/8” Phenolic Spacer
• MAC 70mm Throttle Body and Spacer
• FRPP F303 camshaft, 1.6 Roller Rockers
• BBK 1 5/8” Shorty Headers, O/R H-pipe, V-Force Mufflers, Turndowns
• Pro-M 80mm MAF, Conical Filter
• Bosch 26#/hr (LS1) Injectors, Walbro 255lph in-tank pump
• Edelbrock Water Pump, 180 Degree Thermostat
• Ron Davis NASCAR Radiator, Electric Fan
• Remote Oil Filter Mount, F150 Water-Oil Cooler
• Canton 8qt T-pan, Magnetic Plugs
• Steeda Underdrive Pullies, SFI Balancer
• 130amp SN95 Alternator
• Crane HI6R Ignition, Taylor Wires, NGK Plugs
• Ford EEC-IV Controller w/SCT Chip, Custom Dyno Tuned by Me
• 313rwhp @ 5200, 346rwtq @ 4700 SAE Dynojet
• Tremec TKO, 0.82 Overdrive
• Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter, Leather Knob
• McLeod Clutch, Aluminum Flywheel
• McLeod Scattershield
• FRPP Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
• Steeda Clutch Quadrant, Firewall Adjuster, and Adjustable Cable
• FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
• Torsen T2R Differenctial, 3.55 gear, SN95 Axles
• Steeda 5-Link Rear Suspension
• Steeda Aluminum Rear LCA’s
• 350#/in rear springs, Stock rear swaybar
• Tokico Illumina 5-way Adjustable Shocks/Struts
• MM Front Coilovers, 350#/in springs
• MM Tubular (Fox) Front LCA’s
• MM Caster/Camber Plates
• MM U-joint Steering Shaft
• MM Aluminum Rack Bushings
• “Export” Power Steering Cooler
• Steeda Ultralight 17”x9” Wheels, Shaved Toyo RA1 Tires
• Baer 13” Front Track Kit (94-04 Cobra Hardware), Hawk HT10 Pads
• ‘98 Cobra Rear Brakes, 11.65” Vented Rotors, Bendix Carbon Ceramic Pads
• Stainless Flex Lines
• 1” Master Cylinder, Adjustable Prop. Valve
• MM Full Length Subframe Connectors
• Interior Gutted
• Full Cage, 1.75” DOM Steel
o Tied to body at Front Door Frame, “A” and “B” pillars, Rear Shock Towers
• Boss Fiberglass Hood, Pin-on
• Steeda Spoiler
• Percy Speedglass (Lexan) Windshield
• Aluminum Sunroof Panel
• Window Net
• Tow Cables Front and Rear
• Autometer Gauges
• Cobra Monaco Seats, Slider Brackets
• RJS Camlock Harnesses, Shoulder Pads
• Taylor Aluminum Battery Box, Vented
• Master Cutoff Switch
• Safecraft 5lb Fire System
• AMB Transponder
• 24’ Enclosed, Tandem Axle
• Electric Brakes on both axles
• New Tires, Including Spare
• Carpeted Floor, 12v Interior Lights
• Cabinets, Galvanized Worktop w/ Vise
• Load Distribution Hitch, 800# bars, Sway Control
• 2lb. Halon Fire Extinguisher
• Complete set of “Wet” race wheels/tires
o Steeda Ultralights, Full tread RA1’s
• Complete set of transportation wheels/tires
o 94 GT 17x8 “tri spokes”, Nitto 555’s
• Plenty of Spare Brake Rotors, Pads, Spark Plugs, Filters
• 10’x20’ Steel Frame Canopy
• 14 Gallon Fuel Caddy
• Assortment of “trailer goodies” ranging from zip ties to paper towels

Lots of photos HERE.

Don't waste both our time with stupid questions. This car is not even remotely street legal, but I do have the clear title if it pleases you. Come buy this thing before I change my mind.

04-28-2008, 06:35 PM
Here is the 95 just posted today

FS: 1995 Mustang GT track car (again)


Well, my summer schedule filled up quicker than I could've imagined between work and family (kids) activities, and I came to realize that I won't be doing any track events this year - that was hard. I hate to let it go so soon, but it's not fair to keep a good track car in the garage all summer - and I can't justify putting my wife's car outside (anymore) while an unused track car sits inside - although I did try!!
I had about $1000 in transportation expenses to get it to MN, so I will let it go for $8500, but only here for fellow CCers. I'm gonna list it locally for $9500 because it's got so many great track mods, but I wanted to give CC guys the best shot at it. It has about 115K on it right now, so I've put about 2300 miles on it transporting it and driving it around town.
It is a very well put together car - someone did a great job with it

Here's the pictures:
http://drellingsen.angelfire.com/ POP UP WARNING!!!
Here's the mod list:

# 70mm BBK/Edelbrock throttle body.
# FRP GT-40X Aluminum heads. When I put these on at about 105K mi. the cylinder bores still had the factory honing marks visible!
# '94/5 Cobra Intake manifold, ported.
# Steeda/Yella Terra 1.72 adjustable
# B&M oil cooler and TD oil filter sandwich adapter. shaft mount roller rocker arms
# Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft.
# Fluidyne Radiator.
# Romac balancer.
# Flow-Cooler water pump. 180* thermostat.
# MSD ProBillet Distributor, part# 8455.
# MSD Coil, wires, 6AL spark box
# RPM activated switch and shift light.
# Pro 5.0 shifter with stock shift handle and 5.0 Resto bushings.
# C&L 73mm MAF.
# Ford 24lb. injectors.
# Manual Fan Switch
# Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
# Summit 12" pusher fan on a manual switch.
# Powersteering cooler
# MAC equal length shorty headers.
# Differential vent modification.
# Autometer mechanical Oil Pres., Oil Temp, Water Temp
# Pyrotech harnesses. Cam loc 5pt. Mounted the 5th pt.
# Brake ducts
# Sparco Evo seat.
# Battery Relocated to right rear passenger seat.
# Russell (front) and Goodrich (rear) stainless steel brake lines.
# Speedbleeders. Makes bleeding the brakes easy.
# R58s (real 1995R wheels)
# PBR "Cobra" front calipers - Ford Racing M2300Q kit.
# Rear "Cobra" brake upgrade (Ford now has a kit to do this conversion, they didn't when I did this):
* rear cobra vented disks.
* adapter, caliper to axle R&L, Ford part # F4ZZ-2C101-B, F4ZZ-2C100-B.
* anti-moan brace R&L, Ford part # F4ZZ-2C366-A, F4ZZ-2C367-A.
* caliper brackets, Ford part # F4ZZ-2B511-B (you'll need 2).
* The GT calipers are reused.
* Cobra specific pads (or reuse your GT pads).
# Hawk HPS+ pads front and rear.
# Bilstein struts, and Maximum Motorsports specially valved rear Bilstein shocks.
# Griggs rear lower control arms, adjustable length with front heim joints, MCA-4500S.
# Maximum Motorsports caster-camber plates
# Maximum Motorsports AL rack bushings
# Maximum Motorsports steering shaft
# Maximum Motorsports panhard bar
# Maximum Motorsports torque arm
# Maximum Motorsports full-length subframe connectors
# Maximum Motorsports front & rear coil-over kits (springs: 425lb. front, 300lb. rear)
# Maximum Motorsports front offset A-Arms with urethane bushings
# Autopower 4pt. road race rollbar, DOM tubing.
# Energy Suspension front sway bar bushings and end-links.
# 2004 Mach1 front sway bar. The diameter is 26.5mm, vs. 30mm for the stock GT bar.
# Falken Azenis RT-615's 275/40/17.
Camber: -3.5/-3.5
Caster: +7..3/+7.3
Total Toe: -.125"