View Full Version : Rear spindle cross-axis joints

06-15-2008, 12:35 PM
This is what my upper ones look like:

I asked Jimmy about the cost of replacing them, and his gut reaction (sight unseen) was to leave them as is - since Ford only sells them as part of the entire spindle and we don't' have a lot a corrosive stuff on the roads here to get in and wear them out. Just noticed that MM has a kit to replace all 4 for 380 dollars. Don't really want to spend the $$ right now, but it is an ideal time to install these if I am going to need them soon anyway. Pretty sure the joints are in good condition right now - so my gut feel is to leave them alone and deal with this if and when they eventually wear out. Any thoughts?

03 cobra toy
06-15-2008, 12:39 PM
Wait untill they wear out.(lots of end play) Then replace them with the MM kit