View Full Version : Waiting for paint to dry

07-15-2008, 07:00 PM
I have always wanted to go to Datona 500 or any big track.
2 tickets Calif to Jax two tickets to the race.
Then I became real stupid I went to the race:mad: , restrictor plates:o .
I must admit waited for the pit stops watched and left:bounce: .
The racing thing might as well be electric cars:baby: , it was like watching paint dry:eek: .
People waved at the cars , like they can see you at 180 mph, A soggie hamburger $10.
The bottom line I saved about 8k and did not get Indy tickets.
Note to all, paint the walls of your garage , watch the paint dry and then go to Hooters.
They need to remove the restrictor plates and let them race:tomcat:. If it was a safe sport who would watch it. NASCAR NATIONAL PILLOW FEATHER FLYING CONTEST.