View Full Version : Urgent! advice, help needed.

07-25-2008, 07:28 AM
Anyone out there with oil seperators fitted to their Cobra engines? Have had mine on for about 3,000miles, I used to have alot of smoke when I would start the engine since seperator fitted it has all but gone. Now I noticed a bit of gunk under the hose that runs from the seperator to the intake, so I pulled apart the seperator only to find it was soaked with oil (I know thats the idea) but also there was alot of condensation in it. When I rang out the foam in my hand a large amount of water strained out also. Is this much condensation to be expected or is it a sign of something else. Car is running fine and engine oil and coolant is in pristine condition. Only had heads off, and worked on less than 7,000miles ago.

07-27-2008, 09:54 AM
What you have found could be an issue with the head gaskets or it may not be an issue at all. You can get a sample of coolant tested for exhaust contamination. I have seen that suggested somewhere. If you live in a dry climate than I would worry. The PCV system will pass air in both directions. When the PCV valve is open, air passes into the crankcase from the intake side. When the PCV valve is closed, crankcase air (usually mixed with oil vaper and other gasses) is pulled out of the crankcase and into the intake through the throttle body. Since the oil separators were designed for air compressors to remove the crankcase oil out of compressed air, it will also trap moisture (water vapor) that may be in the crankcase due to the high temperatures and changes in pressure when humid air is drawn in from the air intake. If you notice any water in the exhaust, it could just be a by-product of combustion relative to humidity levels, and that can find its way into the intake plenum through the EGR system in the form of steam.

To rule out a leak in the head gaskets, have the coolant checked for exhast contamination. You can also have the oil tested for antifreeze (etheylene glycol).

I did have oil separators at one time, still have the SHM filter on the intake side (but no longer use an air/oil separator on the PCV valve side).