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07-27-2008, 12:57 PM
As many of you know there is a new track in San Marcos (Harris Hills Road). I joined the S2000 Club for a rare HPDE at Harris Hills yesterday and Figured Id give you track guys the scoop.

The drive to the track was quite pleasant and taking my time it took me about 2 hours 20 minutes to get there. The track is located just off of I-35 and is only 2 Exits from food, hotel, etc.

First off Harris Hills Road (H2R) is more of a Members track and they will not be doing a whole lot of HPDE's, Its just not there in their business plan. The membership fees are VERY reasonable.

$900 - startup fee
$1,500 - refundable depost
$90 - a month
$100 - to run a 4 hour session (weekday)
$150 - to run a 4 hour session (weekend)

No track close to us has rates this low. 4 or 5 of us lotus guys are working on joining together to try and get a heavy discount on the starup fee. If your possibly interested in joining and getting in on the discount please drop me a PM, the more people we have the more power we have to get the discount.

The Track:
As I was pulling up to the track I thought holy crap!!! This is going to be fun. The track is built on the side of a hill and has a tremendous amount of elevation, my GPS system said the elevation was around 70 feet, but It looks and feels like more.

We were running the track CCW which is backwards from the way its normally run, but it flowed well and was extremely challenging. The track surface is not quite as grippy as some other tracks Ive been on. Ive been told this is due to it being a new surface and not many people running R Compound tires or slicks.

H2R uses a unique system (Unique in that I have not seen it before) to notify drivers of problems on the track. Instead of flag stations they have a lighting system on track which will notify you of problems. It has Green, Yellow and Red lights that will let you know if there are any problems on track. This has its plus's and minus's, but it did seem to work quite well.

The Clubhouse is nicer than any track clubhouse Ive been in. There are several TV's with PS3's hooked up and GT5 running, lots of Nice leather chairs to sit and relax between sessions, concessions, clean bathrooms, etc.

Here is a video of a few laps of the track, google compressed it pretty good so it doesnt look all that great.. :(

07-27-2008, 07:30 PM
Sweet!! Nice write-up...not a bad deal!