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08-23-2008, 12:33 AM
I had the following done all Ford Racing Parts and installed by Packey Webb Ford.
Power Pack with Axle Back Exhaust & CAI & Tune
Smoked Chrome Valve Covers
Upgraded GT500 KR Strut Tower Brace
Upgraded Axle Cover & Drive Shaft Loops.

I am really happy with the look!

A couple before and some after pics!
I like it a lot. Sounds great and I think it has more quick power.

If you can't see the pictures in this email, click here to see it in a web browser:
http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=ske52l...;localeid=en_US (http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=ske52lq.33mvrs16&x=0&h=1&y=-al1quc&localeid=en_US)

Richard has shared photos with you.

GT500 Mods
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You're invited to view my online photos at the Gallery. Enjoy!

- Richard

A couple before and some after pics!

Attached Imageshttp://www.fnsweet.com/forums/attachments/general-bsn/26036d1219451720-pleased-punch-other-car-mods-gt500-stock-ebay.jpg http://www.fnsweet.com/forums/attachments/general-bsn/26037d1219451737-pleased-punch-other-car-mods-gt500-stock-bay.jpg http://www.fnsweet.com/forums/attachments/general-bsn/26038d1219451754-pleased-punch-other-car-mods-gt500-stock-bay-2-.jpg

Attached Imageshttp://www.fnsweet.com/forums/attachments/general-bsn/26039d1219451900-pleased-punch-other-car-mods-gt500-upgrades-8-08-2-.jpg http://www.fnsweet.com/forums/attachments/general-bsn/26040d1219451915-pleased-punch-other-car-mods-gt500-upgrades-8-08-3-.jpg http://www.fnsweet.com/forums/attachments/general-bsn/26041d1219451949-pleased-punch-other-car-mods-gt500-upgrades-8-08-4-.jpg


08-26-2008, 01:45 PM
:thumbsup: Nice! I could not see the pic. with the Axle cover...

08-26-2008, 05:33 PM
:thumbsup: Nice! I could not see the pic. with the Axle cover...
Until I jack it up I can not get a good pic of the Axle cover. It sounds and runs great.

New Rotors and maybe 3.73s are in the back of my mind. I am such a bad boy...

11-22-2008, 12:23 PM
Hi Looks Great,
Curious, I have seen the shelby aluminum caps on Ebay where did you get the nut covers on your shock towers etc. Have you installed a short throw shifter yet and how much was the Cold Air Kit and did you tune it?
Lots of Questions, still deciding the least expensive way to fix up mine.