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09-10-2008, 07:23 AM
I lowered the rear of the cobra last weekend because I always hated the big rake it had. I removed the upper and lower ISO's and that in turn put me 3/4" lower in the rear. Now there is only a 1" difference between the front and back. :thumbsup: I love the look now! Let me know what ya think.

09-10-2008, 09:48 AM
it looks good, but I liked the slight rake look better.

09-10-2008, 07:52 PM
There still is a 1" rake on it, just hard to tell in the picture.

09-10-2008, 08:28 PM
I love the new look. Of course I am partial to lowered cars :D

RF Cobra
09-10-2008, 10:06 PM
There's just something about the nose being lower than the rear. Looks more aggressive and like it has an attitude. I love the video I have of Vernon's GT 500 following me on the 421 cruise. With the low front end the car looks like it is about to pounce on you and run you over if you don't get out of the way.

It's somewhat hard to tell from those shots as it looks like the car is on a slope and the angles really don't fully show how it looks now. But I think it still looks good since the top of the car has a slope to it. :thumbsup:

09-10-2008, 10:49 PM
I think it looks better. Very nice.

09-11-2008, 12:48 AM
tons better:thumbsup::thumbsup:

09-11-2008, 07:49 AM
Thanks for all the compliments guys. I think the way it was it was to high. To put it into perspective, stock height (ground to fender lip) is 27 1/2 for the front and 28 1/2 for the rear. People consider this as the 4x4 look. When I bought the car it had the older style Eibach Pro springs in. The stance with those (above before pics) was 26 1/2 for the front and 28 1/2 for the rear. So basically the rear was never at a lower stance but the front gained a 1" drop. The rear is now 27 1/2 with no ISO's at all. :thumbsup: This gives me a 1" rake instead of a 2" rake. I love the new stance as the other way it was way to much I thought.:D

09-11-2008, 11:48 PM
Looks good to me!:thumbsup: What ya going to do next?....a whipple?

09-12-2008, 07:19 AM
Probably a 4 lb lower and some new gauges.