View Full Version : Charity Driving Event Sep 20 for NC National Guard

09-15-2008, 02:34 PM

The Carolina Z Club is hosting a charity driving event for the North Carolina National Guard Soldier and Airman's (Family) Assistance Fund on September 20th. http://www.nc.ngb.army.mil/ncsaaf.aspx (http://www.nc.ngb.army.mil/ncsaaf.aspx) Seems like a good excuse to drive our cars on some great scenic [and driving] roads, and if the significant other can stand the drive - do a little shopping as well.

Dawn adn I will be there in our convertible, along with a couple of other friends. I know the guys that have put this together and they have been working on the idea for almost a year. This will benefit the men and women of our state National Guard. What better reason can there be for coming out and participating??? I for one know how much is sucks to be deployed to the desert and the strain it puts on the family.


From more info, go to the event page listed below. Here is a quick summary:

What is the Carolina Z_Hunt? This is a driving enthusiastís finest reason to embrace the people and roads of the northern mountains of NC & TN! A charity driving event that enables us to get out and drive to help the families of our fellow citizens, friends and neighbors who serve each of us in the National Guard.

This event is for driving enthusiasts in all types of vehicles Ė Doesnít matter if you drive a Ferrari or a Pinto, a motorcycle or a truck, or anything in between.

All thatís required is the desire to get behind the wheel, visit our Route Sponsors (among others) and soak up the people, scenery and the miles of roads in this awesome area of NC & TN. In the end we all reap the rewards of helping the families of our deployed Citizen Soldiers!

Join us on September 20th 2008!

For more information, visit: http://www.carolinazclub.com/ZHunt.html (http://www.carolinazclub.com/ZHunt.html)