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10-01-2008, 11:56 AM
As some of you guys know, I'm mostly on 2 wheels now. one of the bike clubs I am with has organized a blood drive to help with the extreme shortage in the area. it is a ways away, but this is the soonest we could get the Red Cross mobile unit.

C'mon out, boys!

Sign up for MotoHoustonís first blood drive & now you can. One donor can benefit up to 3 lives. That means one burn victim, one child with leukemia, & one rider who went down last weekend & is in critical condition. You can help anyone & everyone.

The blood drive will be held Nov. 8 from 2-6 at:
Berryhill Tamales & Tacos (Gerland's parking lot, exit Dairy Ashford)
13703 Southwest Fwy
Sugar Land, TX
(281) 313-8226

Cookies & juice will be provided. Some of us plan on hanging out after the blood drive at Berryhill, so at the very least, even if you canít donate, show up to hang!

The LAW HAS CHANGED! If you got a tattoo or piercing in the last year, YOU CAN DONATE (given the place was a Texas-licensed facility)! Itís only if itís been in the last week that you canít.

Some recommendations:

-Bring a picture ID
-Eat a HEARTY MEAL ONE HOUR before donating
-Drink at least ONE 16 oz. bottle of water before donating
-Get a good nightís sleep prior to donating
-IRON BOOST (the most common reason a person is turned away is a low iron count)-eat tuna, shrimp, whole grain breads, lean beef or pork, chicken, eggs, ham, leafy green veggies, & spinach are just some of the iron rich foods you can eat.
-You must be over 110lbs

If you are not sure if you can donate but would like to know you can confidentially call 713-791-6612-this is the number for Medical Services, associated with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

10-21-2008, 12:20 PM
Anyone? C'mon guys! :bounce::bounce: