View Full Version : Autox results 10-11-08

10-15-2008, 08:06 PM
We finally got a day that there was not a threat of rain. Actually, with the track record of the local forecasters this season I was a little worried. But the weather couldn't have been better and we had all the best drivers for an end of the year shoot out for the final "Stig" award. It was a last minute entry from New York ended Ralph "The Former Stig" Stankowski's 3 event run.

I want to again thank the creative and hard working course designers. The optional sections kept the experienced drivers on their toes. Big thanks also to Bert Schmitz and Rodger Komonchak for handling timing.

The Masiellos taking care of tech without a hitch makes these events a breeze.

Thanks also go to Jeff and Barb Seeger for hauling all the autocross stuff all year. Being one of the first to arrive and the last to leave makes for a long day. These events would not happen without your help.

I need to thank Chris and John Masiello for allowing me to drive their cars. Chris' car is amazing. Looking at it you wouldn't think so but the time he's spent on it has really paid off. I love John's Z06 because it makes me look so good. My second run was a little over 81 seconds. I love that car!

Last but not least, a big congratulations to the newest Stig, Lee Shelton. A neck injury last year has kept him from doing many events but he's feeling better. If there was any rust it's gone now. He broke a shock during his 76.9 run in the morning and only took two runs in the afternoon. It was good enough to earn "The Stig". Nice job Lee! :thumbsup: