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03 cobra toy
11-11-2008, 11:07 AM
Time to clean out the garage :D

Local sale please.....

6X 275/40-17 Hoosier Grand Am Cup scrubs $480 Sold-Andy

4X 03/04 Cobra track wheels with Very used Hoosier $425 Sold-Andy

Performance Friction 01 Front brake pads for 00R Calipers (New in the box) $230 Sold-Larry E

New Ford fuel pressure sensor. Every 03/04 Cobra owner should have one at the track. $50 Sold-Todd

Longacre Bump Steer Gauge $175

Here is the most accurate, easiest and quickest way to measure your critical bump steer. This simplified design uses a single precision dial indicator to tell you directly the exact amount of bump steer within .001". Everything you need is there: wheel plate with mounting holes for most 5 bolt patterns (4 " to 5") and most wide 5, adjustable stand, and precision dial indicator. The plate can be easily modified for other wheel patterns if needed. Use a floor jack or common bottle jack to move the suspension.

Extended height design - check bump steer at ride height or on stands.
Single dial indicator design is much easier to use. You read the bump directly.

PM me or email me at dtmizler at embarqmail.com

03 cobra toy
11-11-2008, 02:10 PM
Added to the list...