View Full Version : Mustang Week 09 ,plus a cool event for SVT owners

12-12-2008, 10:10 PM
Mustang Week 2009 to Host
SVTOA's "Experience IV" Nationals

Calling all SVT vehicle owners!

For only the fourth time in history, the Special Vehicle Team Owners Association is holding a national gathering designed for ALL Ford SVT owners to "experience." This summer, the SVTOA's "Experience IV" Nationals will be part of the annual "Mustang Week" event held in Myrtle Beach, S.C., from July 20-26, 2009.

Just like during the previous three SVTOA Nationals, "Experience IV" will feature a car show, a club dinner and a track event -- only this year, instead of a road course, our SVT's will finally be covering the pavement 1/4-mile at a time at nearby Darlington Dragway for an evening of dueling time slips! The SVTOA also has special prizes and guest appearances planned, in addition to all of the other attractions that make Mustang Week one of the biggest and best Ford-based automotive events in the country!

So mark your calendars and stay tuned to www.SVTOA.com SVT Owners Association for more details on and registration for SVTOA's "Experience IV" Nationals at Mustang Week 2009! -- SEE YOU THERE!