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12-24-2008, 05:34 PM
As the weather has gotten cooler here, when I start the Cobra, I hear a howling from the engine. Once it warms up, it seems to disappear. I went to the dealer and picked up both new belts. Car has 60,000 miles so thinking it was the belts.. I changed the front one and did not correct the problem. All pulleys turn freely (Billet Flow pulleys) so don't think it is coming from the front belt. How do you get the inner belt off??? I can barely see it from the top of the engine.... The biggest problem it does not do it all the time so when it does, I hop out and pop the hood and it is gone by then... So I have not really been able to listen with the hood up to maybe pinpoint where it is coming. I feel like it is an idle bearing and looks like several of them on the inner belt... Any help would be appreciated...

12-29-2008, 07:57 AM
Just an opinion, if the sound was caused by an idler pulley, it probably would not go away after the engine warms up. I had a similar issue and thought that the bypass valve was sticking on the supercharger since my noise did not go away. The noise was comming from top of the engine (supercharger). (NOTE: the issue I had was randome and occasionally would occur after driving and the engine was warmed up. Only occured when the engine was at idle and not under full load or in boost.) I checked the bypass valve and it was open as it should be. One thing that came to mind was if there was any oil in the supercharger gear case so I pulled the fill plug (with the engine off) and discovered the gear case became pressurized. Once the pressure was released I closed the fill plug since there was plenty of oil in there (use caution if you do this since the air pressure will push out alot of oil). Issue has not returned. Of course this may not be your problem.

Check fluid level in the power steering resivior. Low levels will cause some noise when the engine starts up. Also check the fluid level in your cooling system. Without actually hearing the sound, and where it is comming from makes it hard to suggest anything. You could always get someone else to start the engine while you listen to the engine bay with the hood up. You may be able to capture where the sound is comming from if it makes the noise. Best of luck.

01-19-2009, 11:49 AM
I have a similar problem with my Cobra, thought it's not a howling sound. Not too long after I changed the upper & lower pulleys and new belts I started getting a squeaky belt sound on a cold start at the blower pulley...but once the engine and belts warm up it goes away...all pulles turn freely and I checked the belt tensioner to make sure it wasn't tighter than it should be...all was ok. For a quick fix I just spray a little STP belt dressing on the belt while it's running and that takes care of it! :thumbsup: