View Full Version : Today at 7:54am....

01-08-2009, 09:15 AM
...the Lizmobile turned over 100,000 miles, just as I dropped Mallory off at school.

C-Liz-Go was born February 8, 2005 and I took delivery on April 8. Our first stop home from the dealership was a Sonic drive-in for tots. When I drove it off the lot, it was bone stock and nary a stripe on it. First mod was sequentials, and that purchase led me to my first Stang site membership.

The Stang and I have obviously spent a lot of time together driving, from MO to TX and back several times, from TX to SC for MustangWeek, and perhaps this year, we'll head to the West Coast to see that side of the country.

Not sure how we'll celebrate today.....maybe find a Vette to play with later. But C-Liz-Go will always be a one owner car. I'll never give it up.
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