View Full Version : 10th Anniversary merchandise

03-23-2009, 01:04 AM
Who would be interested in some 10th Anniversary merchandise?

This will be a pay as you go offer and your products can be delivered to the event to save on shipping or you can have it shipped to your home, either way.

10th Anniversary keychains = $10.00
10th Anniversary hat pins = $5.00

if you have to have it shipped then it will be shipped priority mail which is $4.90 or basically, $5.00 extra. Why do I select priority mail? Because they give you a free box to ship your products in, free labels, and the odds of it being damaged or lost is slimmer.

I will have some photos later today but they will look exactly like the 10th Anniversary coin only they'll have a clip for a keychain or pin for a hat pin.

Both these items and the coin will be silver with a sand blasted look. It will look like the one in the lower right corner.