View Full Version : VIR North Course

04-05-2009, 08:23 PM
Well ... just got back from a weekend running the North Course at VIR with Tarheel and running with the advanced group with instructor and with the advanced solo group. Long weekend, but lots of fun. Vernon is still the Big Dog with that loud ass Shelby! I will say the North Course is much better than the South Course and we will have much more fun this May! I will also say that anybody that has not run this course needs to run with an instructor that is familar with the course for at least 1-2 sessions or we are going to have lots of offs and a high chance for damage. The new stretch of turns not included in the Full Course takes a little to get use to and ask Vernon & Burke ... you will go off or spin. I will try to post some video of Vernon if I can, but can't wait for the May event and hope to see everyone there!!!!!

04-06-2009, 06:50 PM
Spent tires + HP = SPIN city:eek: !!!! I spun 2 complete circles but stayed on track, ended up facing the right way, put it in 3rd and away I went. I was glad no one was following. Lots of fun with new tires. There was about 3 offs on Sat and 3 offs on Sun. Can't wait till May. Maybe I will be as fast as Mikey.:headbang: