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04-21-2009, 10:25 AM

The time has come for the first HPD (Houston Performance Driving) Galveston cruise of 2009. The HPD Staff is looking to try to cruise the coast and eat lunch on Galveston Island. Hurricane IKE put the hammer down on Galveston during September of 2008. Since that time Galveston is struggling with economic recovery in an already difficult economic time. We are hoping this will allow us to cruise the island with out any backlash from Galveston PD who has not liked us being there in the past. The last 2 HPD G-Town cruises were broken up moments after getting to Cherry Hill (East Beach). This always throws a monkey-wrench into the return home cruise. However, it maybe time to try again.

Everyone is welcome to join HPD for a cruise to the south coast. You've seen the pics and vids of the famous HPD South Coast Cruises. Come hang out with Houston's most powerful street machines. Both Import and Domestic cars, trucks, and sport bikes. [Ex] such as C5s, C6s, Z06s, Vipers, Supras, Cobras, Saleens, GTs, Ford GTs, P-Cars, Mercedes/AMGs, BMWs/M-Power Cars, Mini Coopers, Camaro Z28s/SSs, T/As, WRX STIs, EVOs, SRT 4s,8s,10s, Lightnings, G35s/37s, 350 Zs, GTOs, and maybe a few exotics. HPD always keeps it's cruises RICE FREE. That goes for Asian, Euro, and Uncle Ben's!

*Vids* from other HPD G-Town Cruises:

G-Town 2006: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QteYajM-PE

G-Town 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvncQs92e-g

G-Town 2007 #2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_wU81rZQVg

I. Outline:

- Northsiders will rally up off of 59 North in the Kingwood area. The north group will rally up with the south group off of 45 South @ Alameda Mall. Once the two groups have combined and safety briefs are concluded. The cruise will head to Galveston Island. Once on Galveston Island the group will stop at Salas's Mexican and Seafood Restaurant on the Sea Wall. There will be a reservation made for our entire group. If you do not wish to eat at Salas's please feel free to eat where ever you like. 2 hours later everyone will meet back up at Cherry Hill (east Beach) for about 1 hour. This will allow pics, vids, and others to meet back up with the main body.

Hurricane IKE has damaged the Bluewater Highway that has made it impassable. We will head to G-Town directly on Interstate 45. This is not our traditional route through Surfside Beach. Please keep that in mind.

II. Cruise Gear:

- Full tank of gas.

- Driver's licence.
- Insurance card.
- 2 way walkie. (This is a must! You will not know what is going on during the cruise. Best way to keep informed!)
- Lunch $$$.
- Sunglasses.
- Camera.
- Hot female copilot.
- GPS.
- Positive attitude.
- Respect for Imports and Domestics.

III. North Side and South Side Rally Points: Times and Locations.

- North Side Rally Point: Meet time is 11AM w/ roll out @ Noon! Location is 59 North @ North Park Plaza in Kingwood. The massive parking lot is: just past Kingwood Dr going 59 North service road. Look RIGHT and look for the cars. If you pass North Park Dr you've gone too far.

MAP LINK: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=30.060607,-95.2483&spn=0.004327,0.006866&t=h&z=17

- South Side Rally Point: Meet time is 12:15PM w/ roll out just after 1PM! Location is 45 South @ Alameda Mall. The parking lost is located on the SE corner of the Mall between Almeda-Genoa and Fuqua. Park away from the mall. Park has close to the 45 South service road as you can.

MAP LINK: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=29.62304,-95.224997&spn=0.002173,0.003433&t=h&z=18

IV. Safety Brief:

- This will be a 110% SAFE Cruise! Please do not drive outside of your ability. We have all spent tons of $ and wrench time on getting our rides where they are. Please respect every one's property and each other. Unsafe driving will not be tolerated during the cruise. If HPD Staff gets reports of unsafe driving, it will be reported to me. Staff will talk privately with the driver in question. If after your 1st warning you continue to be unsafe and show-off. Staff will ask you to leave the cruise.

- Seat belts @ all times. It's the LAW so Staff does don't have to explain it.

- Please control your passengers. Your passengers behavior reflects on you. If passenger are found to be unsafe. The same rules apply to passages about being unsafe and will be warned.

- ZERO RACING! It's simple! There will be a zero tolerance policy for racing. This is a cruise and not a fun run. There is nothing wrong with little pop of the gas for sound, or keeping in cruise formation. However, that is where spirited driving ends. Do not test the HPD Staff please.

V. Questions or Concerns:

- If you have any question please post them here or PM (xtc4us) and will get your answers ASAP.

VI. Roll Call!

Please click the link if you plan on making the G-Town Cruise!

Thank you!
HPD Staff.