View Full Version : Drive a Mustang Challenge Car from Speedworks and Kenny Brown at the SCMC's 10th Anv.

05-01-2009, 01:20 AM
The information is also available on the home page of their
website at www.kennybrown.com.

Want to go to the tenth anniversary but don't have a car to drive? Well you're in luck as kenny brown has the answer for you.

Their Kenny Brown weekend consists of a two-day Driving Experience for $3,450. A three day event is an additional $950. It includes the SpeedWorks Mustang Challenge race cars, all consumables (tires, brakes, etc.), a professional race team attending to you, Kenny Brown driver coaching and car set-up.

If you compare this to the Skip Barber Advanced Driving Program, their cost is $4,700. So, it's a pretty good deal.

Here is a link to the Kenny Brown Driving Experience on their Website:


Pricing is not listed on their website but rather listed above!

Contact Cari at 317.396.2768 for more information.