View Full Version : Anyone use Autolite 103's

05-07-2009, 12:33 AM
I'm thinking about switching to this plug. Its suppose to be the equivalent and a direct competitor to NGK TR6's, which don't impress me as far as there streetability is concerned. It seem like I have to change my TR6's far to often to keep my car running its best. I usually run a .032 gap.

I think alot of it has to do with the plug manufactor. NGK makes great plugs, but IMO Autolites are the best plugs for Fords, ACDELCO's are the best plugs for GM's, and Champion are the best plugs for Chrystlers as those companies are owned by those automakers.

I was having cylinders go out in a 97 F150 running Champion plugs and Autolites curred the problem, and the mechanic said you should run the plug who is owned be the automaker of your car for best results.

05-07-2009, 12:47 AM
I have been using NGK TR-6's ever since a set of high dollar plugs really messed things up. For the past 3 years, abusing the car on the track and some street, changing the plugs once a year at most if not only 2 times in 3 years, and no problems what so ever! I have always heard that Autolite plugs are cheap, but we all know about things that you hear! Hell, give them a try and see if they work well.

05-08-2009, 04:10 PM
I have Autolite 103's in my car. This is what SGS Automotive, they drag race in the NMRA Renagade class, and have an excellant shop, put in my car when they tuned it on their dyno. It pulled 461 HP and 491 ftlb of torque at the rear wheels. All I have done is Magnaflow cat backs, a JLT CAI, 2.8 Pulley, tuned by these guys, The plugs gapped at .028. I have put about 2,000 miles on it. It runs like a champ. They suggested that I replace them 1 time a year. Hope this helps.

05-08-2009, 10:41 PM
^ Hey man thanks for the reply!

It is helpful.