View Full Version : SCMC to switch Internet hosting providers

06-28-2009, 12:56 AM
Within the next few weeks, the SCMC will be switching Internet Hosting providers.

We cannot guarantee that the forums will not be down or that the website will not be down. It's sort of convoluted but it takes two days for the Internet to recognize that our site has been moved.

Some of you may ask why we are doing this? It's more a matter of principle as well as respect for your customer. Like Carolina Dragway in regards to respect, our Internet provider (The Planet) owes us over $720.00 and refuses to pay us the money they owe us or give us a credit.

So as a matter of principle, we will be moving our site to another server sometime within the next 4 weeks. This could possibly cause an interruption in the site but we're hoping it will not or at least be minimal. Currently, we are still in the search for a new hosting provider that can fulfill our needs for our forums, the most active part of our website.

Sometimes change is inevitable and this is one of those times, thanks for being patient and understanding the decision to make this move.