View Full Version : Mustang Week Hats!

06-30-2009, 09:48 AM
Okay, here is how I've decided to handle pre-orders for MW hats. Again, the color choices are black, khaki, charcoal, red, ford blue, white, yellow, and pink. Cost of the hats is $20 (cash). I'm not going to take pre-payment at this time, you will pay when you pick up your hat/hats. I'm only getting a limited amount of hats this year, so if you want one you may want to go ahead and pre-order.

If you want a hat please send me an email (brad96cobra@nc.rr.com) with the subject "MW Hat Pre-Order." In the e-mail list your first and last name, home town, how many hats and what color/s, and what day/event you plan to pick up your order. Pre-order must be in no later than July 12th. That gives me one week to sort orders.

Example e-mail
John Doe
Toe Jam, Hawaii
1 blue hat, 1 black hat
Tuesday Meet-n-Greet

***ALSO**** When you send the e-mail it helps if you request a read reciept to make sure I got your order.

As I receive orders I will compile a list by day and my daughter and I will sort your order and hold your hat/hats seperate from the rest I have for sale. I will reply to your e-mail with a confirmation (give me a day or two to reply).

For those not attending MW this year, please send me your order and I will reply with how you can pay. Price shipped/mailed will be $25 (pre-paid). Hats will be individually shipped in a small box to make sure they are not damaged.

Thanks for the interest. You will not be dissappointed in these hats. Over 16,000 stitches in the logo so it looks as good as it possibly can and the hats are great quality.

Brad Worley
MW Staff