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07-23-2009, 05:26 PM
Hi, I work at a car dealership and I'm appraising a 95 Mustang. It has the Cobra emblems. But is it real? How can I tell. It has a 5.0. Didn't they come with 5.7's? If anyone has any info to help me, please let me know. Thanks

07-23-2009, 05:47 PM
The '95 Cobra's come with a 5.0. The '95 Cobra "R"s come with the 5.8. Both will have Cobra across the upper intake. The VIN will be 42D for a coupe and 45D for a conv. An "R" mocel will be 42C.

I think that's correct. Check me Tony.

07-23-2009, 05:52 PM
Thanks, I just noticed....would the rear bumper cover say COBRA or mustang? This says Mustang

07-23-2009, 06:17 PM
No the rear bumper on the '95 Cobra's said Mustang. They didn't start saying Cobra until a later year and I don't recall which year. I want to say '96 but that would be a guess. Is it a Cobra or a Cobra "wanabe"? The VIN number is the real way to tell.

07-23-2009, 11:54 PM
Like Larry said, go by the VIN number.

How to tell if it is a real Cobra:

1. Has "Cobra" on the steering wheel air bag. (Most people will not change the air bag as they are expensive.

2. Has "Cobra" on the power booster for the brakes.

3. Has "SVT" badge on the rear decklid (94's didn't have that only 95 and up)

4. Has 95 Cobra wheels specific to the Cobra only.

5. White face gauges

6. Snakes on the fenders, Mustang in the grill.

7. "Cobra" on the fan belt

8. "Cobra" on the radiator hoses

9. "Cobra" on the upper intake plenum

10. Vin Numbers as follows:

1995 Cobra Coupe = 42D

1995 Cobra Convertible = 45D

1995 Cobra R = 42C

11. Colors available are solely Black Clearcoat, Rio Red, and Crystal White.

12. Round Fog lights in the front bumper cover.

13. Unique Halogen headlamps exclusive to the Cobra.

14. "Cobra" on the front brake calipers with 13 inch rotors.

15. Vented disc brakes on the rear calipers as opposed to solid discs.

16. Must be a manual transmission.

I'm sure there is more but this should pretty much prove its authenticity.


Cobra Jet
09-10-2011, 04:37 PM
If the car still has the radiator support/headlight cover plastic on it, remove it and peer down behind the driver's side headlamp assembly.

You should find or locate the actual BUC tag affixed to the radiator support by a large heavy duty staple.

If the car is a genune Cobra, you will clearly see the word "COBRA" (in all caps) stamped into that tag.

The same will hold true for ANY 1979-current Special factory produced Mustangs, such as SSP's, SVO's, PACE cars, Spring Editions & Cobras. The type of edition will always be stamped into those tags. 79-93 Mustangs came with (2) BUC tags, which included the factory original build info, PLUS the 2nd tag, which outlined the "special" build info. 1994-up Mustangs, there is only a single BUC tag. All were affixed to the rad support behind the driver's side headlamp assembly.

The tag(s) contain the build codes. However, you will also want to know that the BUC tag also contains the last (6) digits of the actual VIN number, which should match the lower right dash VIN plate, any VIN decals on the body, the (2) metal VIN plates under each R & L front fender and the VCL decal found on the driver's door (79-93) or B-pillar (all 94-up).

Here is my BUC tag so you see what I am referring to: