View Full Version : Flaming River Shaft not securing to rack

08-10-2009, 11:01 AM
Anyone have issues with the flaming river shaft not mating properly to the rack? I've been trying to chase down a dead spot in my steering for years. Just recently swapped in an 03 cobra rack (no change). then an AGR rack, no change..back to the cobra rack (AGR rack sucked) then finally with the help of a friend saq that the shaft can turn a 1/4" or so before the rack starts moving..the set screw is as tight as it can go and there is still slack. anyone have this issue? This whole ordeal has cost me a fortune (got stuck paying for a 3rd cobra rack that I have to offload) and endless frustation only to find out that the freagin shaft was the cause, not a sloppy rack. Altho the rack in my 98 cobra was terrible..the cobra is much better so that was a good upgrade.

08-12-2009, 08:06 AM
The original steering rack is still working fine in our Cobra but we did replace the steering shaft with a Borgeson unit. While running an open track event the shaft connection to the rack slipped causing severe understeer and some agricultural racing! Ford should have made the shaft to rack connection splined. Our solution was to tack weld the connection, enough to keep the shaft from slipping but not so much that it cannot be easily ground off should the rack or shaft need to be replaced.

If your shaft has been slipping the rack shaft is probably galled and will need some file work to get the Flaming River shaft to fit.