View Full Version : Memorial for Mark Bettin

08-12-2009, 12:02 AM

We have lost a great friend and open track guy in Mark Bettin. See the following about the upcoming TrackGuys/SVTOA event at Hallett;

We at Track Guys are greatly saddened by the loss of Mark Bettin, who passed away in late August from injuries sustained in a bicycling accident. Mark was a long-time Track Guys instructor, serving as an in-car instructor at numerous Texas and Oklahoma-based events. He was a hard worker who loved to share his passion for driving with each and every student he ever worked with, quick to lend a hand to a fellow driver or instructor, and generally helping out wherever he could, most of the time never being asked, just doing it. To celebrate Mark’s life and his passion for performance driving, the September 12 & 13 Track Guys event at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit will now be run as the Mark Bettin Memorial. We have no doubt that Mark would have been instructing at this event, so, even if he isn’t with us in person, he will most certainly be with us in spirit. Track Guys will be dedicating the raffle proceeds to Mark’s widow, Lisa; cash gifts will also be accepted. Track Guys will also give any event proceeds above the costs of the event to Lisa. And as a group, we will be doing something special at the track in Mark’s name. Please sign up, tell your friends and come out to Hallett to help us celebrate Mark’s life and passion for “go fast on track.” You can go to www.trackguys.motorsportreg.com to register for this event. If you have any questions please let me know. You can email me at dellcobra@yahoo.com. More information about Track Guys events can be found at www.trackguys.com. See you on track. Dell HughesTrack Guys

Love to see some of the local SCMC guys come up and attent the event. Hallett is always a great place to run.