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09-22-2009, 02:21 PM

For Sale:
1999 Mustang Cobra
23,443 miles on the car

Asking Price:
$13,750 negotiable
$13,250 negotiable

I have owned this car since 2004 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It will be missed, but I need to make room in the garage for something else. As you can see from the list of modifications, money has not been spared over the years on this car. It is in great running condition; never sees rain but does see road course use several times a year and weekly drives to work or around town. I have documentation on the car all the way back to 1999.

I am not interested in trades, so please do not offer any. I am willing to deliver within 250 miles of Charlotte, NC if you pay for the diesel.

Contact me via PM here or cell or email.

Thanks for looking,


Engine (approx 1000 miles):
- Built by Boosted Performance (main page (http://www.boostedperformance.net/))
- 2007 FRPP Aluminum 4.6L block bored .020 over
- Mahle flat top pistons (somewhere around 10.1 compression)
- Manley rods
- polished Cobra crank
- Canton Road Race pan
- Canton windage tray
- FMS Hi-Volume oil pump
- SHM oil pump drive gears
- ARP head and main studs
- ported & polished stock heads w/ competition valve job
- Comp DOHC Stage 2 cams; 234/232 @ .050 .475/.450 lift
- Comp beehive valve springs
- FRPP 30lb injectors
- A/C Delete bracket
- EGR Block-off Plate
- Catch Can

- ProMotion Powertrain built T-45 w/ 26 spline hardened input shaft, TKO output shaft and carbon fiber syncros
- ProMotion 26 spline custom clutch
- custom SPEC pressure plate
- FMS Cobra flywheel
- STEEDA clutch quadrant w/ firewall adjuster

- LDC Cooling mod
- LFP radiator
- minor boxing of radiator
- radiator protection mesh

Fuel System (return style):
- Stock style tank with Aeromotive Universal Kit Sump (new)
- Aeromotive 100 micron and 10 micron Fuel Filters (new)
- Aeromotive Fuel Pump Controller
- Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
- Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump (new)
- -8 stainless braided supply line
- -6 stainless braided return line
- STEEDA fuel rails

Air Intake:
- C&L housing w/ 03 Cobra MAF
- BBK Twin 62mm throttle body

- JBA equal-length ceramic coated shorties
- Magnaflow 2-cat X pipe
- Flowmaster catback

- Tuned by TruDynoSports (Tru Dyno Sports LLC (http://www.trudynosports.com/))
- SCT chip
- Auto Meter Phantom Boost (connected to monitor vacuum level)
- Auto Meter Fuel Pressure

- Maximum Motorsports Castor/Camber plates
- full-length subframe connectors
- 4-pt G-Load brace
- IRS poly bushings
- H&R Race springs
- Bilstein shocks and struts
- 03 Cobra 31 spline differential with FMS/Motive 3.55 gear
- 03 Cobra halfshafts
- Paul’s HP IRS brace
- Paul’s HP driveshaft loop
- Full Tilt Boogie delrin and aluminum IRS bushing kit

Differential Cooler:
- Tilton pump
- B&M stack cooler
- -8 stainless braided lines
- Overflow can
- DEI Thermal wrapped tailpipes

- Midcontinent brake duct kit
- Brembo rotors (blanks)
- Carbotech XP10 front and XP10 rear

- 1999 Cobra silver 17x8 rims with 245/45/17 tires (good tread)
- 2003 Cobra silver 17x9 rims with 275/40/17 Kumho V700 tires (one track day) (negotiable with deal)

- Modified weld-in Autopower 4pt Rollbar with harness bar, diagonal crossbar, down tubes and strut crossbar
- Schroth 6pt driver and passenger harness (negotiable with deal)
- Modified stock 99 Cobra seats to allow proper location of sub-belts
- Fire extinguisher

- 2003 Cobra hood with open vents and no blanket (negotiable with deal)
- 1999 Cobra hood with no blanket

Power / Current Configuration Track Times:
- 324rwhp 300rwtq – Mustang Dyno (tuned on this dyno)
- 355rwhp 338rwtq – Dynojet Dyno
- zMAX Dragway ¼ mile – 13.077sec (surface temps at 130*, full tank, road course trim)
- Carolina Motorsports Park Road Course – 1 minute 51 seconds
- Virginia International Raceway Road Course – 2 minutes 17 seconds
- Roebling Road Raceway Road Course – 1 minute 23 seconds

Removed from Car:
- Complete A/C system – in storage, but included
- Rear seat back, bottom, mounting bracket, headrests – in storage, but included
- Trunk panels, trunk carpet and board – in storage, but included
- Spare tire, jack, lug tool and felt – in storage, but included
- All seatbelts and mounting brackets -- I do not have these, but am willing to buy driver and passenger belts and reinstall if necessary (negotiable with deal)
- Evaporator charcoal cannister for fuel vapors - not available

Interesting Facts (yes I understand these do not add to the value of the car, but the new owner may be interested in the history):
- First 99 DOHC Cobra to get a Procharger P600 supercharger; UPR test mule – now N/A
- 2004 FFW Street Ford Semi-Finalist at Cordova Dragway
- 2004 NMRA Race Pages
- 2006 SPEED TV online article
- Kocky Product “Driving on the New Edge” tee-shirt car
- 2007 MM&FF Magazine “New Edge Cobra vs Mach 1 Shootout”
- Multiple performance shop websites and videos

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Mustang Dyno:


DynoJet Dyno:


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Come to the "Dark Side":cool: It is strong and powerfull!!!:eek:

"With great power comes great responsibility":thumbsup:

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You need to change your signature..... :)


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Come to the "Dark Side":cool: It is strong and powerfull!!!:eek:

"With great power comes great responsibility":thumbsup:Some just need to go out and buy their speed!

10-02-2009, 09:18 AM
I am more than willing to cut the roll bar out of the car and reinstall the interior on my dime and time if that sways anyone.


10-07-2009, 09:46 AM
Two week refresh and $500 price drop

To answer a few questions I have gotten over the past couple of weeks:

1) No, I do not consider this a race car nor a track car. It is a "hot street car" and fully capable on a road course and/or drag strip.

2) Clutch pedal effort is very streetable. It is a SPEC clutch and feels better to me than the clutch in our 01 vert. I have had ACL replacement on my left knee and I have no issues driving this car in traffic. Does it feel like a Honda? No, but neither does it feel like a pulp wood truck.

3) The 03 hood, 03 rims, Kumho tires and Schroth harnesses are negotiable as part of the deal. For those of you that are not familiar with Kumho V700 tires, these are a 50 treadwear rating and will not last very long on the street. The stock hood and stock 99 rims and good tires are included with the deal.

4) I am willing to remove the rollbar and reinstall the interior and new seatbelts. However, I am hesitant to do this until I have a solid buyer. I would hate to take out safety items that a prospective buyer would have to pay to install.

5) I have no idea on the gas mileage. It is one of three spare vehicles for me and when I drive it, I do not check the mileage. I would have to guess high teens, low 20s on the highway with the 3.55 gear. However, I will probably start driving it more often over the next several weeks just to get some calculations for the curious minds in the prospective audience.


Thanks for your time and thanks for looking at the car.



10-14-2009, 09:42 AM
What will it take for someone to be seriously interested in this car as opposed to kicking the tires and/or low-balling me? I need the garage space, I am growing tired of leaving my new track toy in the parking garage at work!


10-14-2009, 10:25 AM
What will it take for someone to be seriously interested in this car as opposed to kicking the tires and/or low-balling me? I need the garage space, I am growing tired of leaving my new track toy in the parking garage at work!


time, patience and the right buyer... :thumbsup:

it's only worth what someone is willing to pay.

10-14-2009, 04:06 PM
this is one of the worst times to sell, if you are really needing to sell.

10-23-2009, 09:47 AM
Two potential deals have fallen through. The car is still for sale.