View Full Version : Crazy Occurrence! Never happened before! PLEASE HELP!

10-01-2009, 12:05 PM
I have a 97 Cobra, and I have had very few issues with it since I purchased it about 5 years ago.

This morning (it was about 50 degrees) I turned my car on to go to class and the transmission was making a very loud noise (not grinding, but it just sounded like the gears were loud, maybe like a whining sound), it has done this before (when it's cold or when it hasn't been driven for a while), and usually goes away within a minute. However this morning it didn't go away after a minute and I had to drive to class, so I was going easy on it cause I didn't know what the problem was. While driving I checked my gauges and everything read properly. After a few more minutes the car SHUT ITSELF OFF! Then after about 10-15 seconds while I was looking for a place to coast to the shoulder it TURNED ITSELF BACK ON!

After it came back on it was running perfectly fine, the transmission was quiet, the gauges read properly still. And it continued to be fine the rest of the way to campus. After I got to campus I popped the hood and there was a light burning smell, but not one like a burned clutch, electrical burn, or antifreeze leak, it was a type of smell I have never smelled before.

I have NO IDEA what happened! Please someone help me figure this out! I have given about as much detail as I could.

One thing I forgot to add, when the car died, the speedo and the tach both dropped to 0. I don't know that that is necessary information. Then when the car came back on it they went back to normal.

10-01-2009, 10:31 PM
You have a ghost under the hood, switching the car on and off.... :rotf:

Seriously, you probably have something "grounding" out or making a connection that shouldn't be there. Wires are touching that shouldn't. The cold weather has something to do with it too, because I had a car that did odd things when it was cold but when it warmed up or if it was a warm day, it ran great.

I would trace the smell of burnt wires and you will most likely find your problem. You may also want to check the computer "brain" of the car which is located inside the passenger kick panel.

Check all of the ground wires going to and from the battery and the entire wiring harness for wires that are burnt and touching together. I believe your problem will be there which is why the car turned off and then turned back on....

01-27-2010, 01:18 AM
It could be electrical issues or something else like the catalytic converters or an issue with one of the O2 sensors. If it is an O2 sensor, the check engine line should have come on. Bad smell, if it smelled like a skunk stuffed into a rotting hornets nest could be related to the catalytic converters (assuming you have them on the exhaust). If you have noticed a drop in performance you may have clogged cats.