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Twice Bitten
10-23-2009, 06:20 PM

10-24-2009, 09:23 PM
I had a feelin that Ford Racing would build a Mustang around the new 302 crate engine that they now offer.

The new Ford Racing Performance Parts BOSS 302 line was conceived because there was an unmet need for engines built from a block stronger than original regular production 302 blocks but more affordable than full race-prepped blocks. The original BOSS 302 delivered less than 300 hp. Today, enthusiasts are making 500 hp street cars and they need a robust block. Race-specific blocks offer the strength required but cool poorly for street use and are very expensive for the average enthusiast. The new BOSS 302 engine block features greater strength than most race blocks and offers a street-capable cooling system design, something that race specific blocks tend to sacrifice.

Some of the highlights of the BOSS 302
* 4-bolt mains for lower-end stability at high power outputs
* High-tin 41,000 PSI tensile strength iron alloy for ultimate strength
* Nodular iron main caps for additional strength
* Screw-in freeze plugs for additional more strength and stability
* Front cross-over lifter oiling for high RPM valvetrain capability
* Siamese bores with specifically engineered drillings between cylinders for maximum wall stability and gasket sealing with street capable cooling performance

Ford will also be offering the BOSS 302’s in crate form, with displacements ranging from 302 to 363 cubic inches. Entry level engines feature the Ford Racing GT-40X Xtra Performance Turbo Swirl aluminum heads to retain stock exhaust locations and are rated at 340 and 345 hp. Higher performance versions include Ford Racing’s “Z”-head equipped 302 and 347 cubic inch engines rated between 360 and 450 hp, depending on configuration.

The legendary 5.0-liter 302 cubic inch “Boss” V-8 engine is back and better then ever.