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11-02-2009, 03:10 PM

If SCMC can commit to collecting +10 toys and donating them to this event. SCMC will be place on the back of the event T-Shirt has a MD Anderson supporter. Join us!

Houston Performance Driving is stepping up to the plate this holiday season and will be collecting toys for the kids @ MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Hospital. We the HPD Staff formally ask everyone* and anyone* that reads this forum to please get involved in this toy drive. These kids are fighting everyday to stay strong and focused while receiving their treatments. Someone of these kids are not from Houston and have very little to no family here while at the hospital. These families have stretched their finances to the limits in getting their children the best medical care possible. More than anything these parents want to give them the best Christmas possible. Houston Performance Driving is asking the Import and Domestic forums and clubs to join together for a wonderful cause.
"The only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."


I. Mission Statement:

- It is our goal here at HPD to make the biggest impact possible for these kids at MD Anderson. With your help we can make some very sick kids have a wonderful Christmas, because for the generosity of the people that visit Houston Performance Driving. Together with the other car clubs/forums we can give these kids the support and love they need to continue the fight. With in the goal set forth. We are truly determined to collect and donated more toys then any organization in Houston. Again we ask for for all forums and clubs to support this endeavor!

II. Toy Drive Outline:

- Saturday December 12th will be the "Night Meet" @ Frank-N-Steins Bar and Grill in Katy. Starting at 7PM and ending at 12AM. This will be the first collection point for the toy drive. This location is the same location used for TX2K Events. There are 2 lots that will be used.

- Sunday December 13th will the "Cruising for Kids" drive down to Galveston Island. Otherwise known has the South Coast Cruise. There will be 3 collection points on this cruise. (1) North Side rally point. (2) South Side rally point. (3) Galveston (*Cherry Hill*) rally point. HPD will have 2-3 collection trucks following the cruise. Please fill them to the top with toys!

- There will also be a late lunch/early dinner at Salas's Mexican and Seafood on The Seawall after the collection is over at Cherry Hill.
This will also be our back up lot in case Galveston PD pushes us off the hill. Salas's is connected to the Academy Parking lot which can hold all of us. However, we are hoping that Galveston PD will have a open-mind with us having a toy drive for MD Anderson.

III. Night Meet Info: (Saturday Dec. 12th)

- *This meet is open to everyone so please get the word out and bring your friends! Please let them know to bring a toy if possible! You don't need to spend much $, just anything you can. You'll feel great about yourself if you do! Please help any way possible! Thank you!*
Please come out to Frank-N-Steins and enjoy a gathering of Houston fastest rides while doing some good for a great cause. Let's show the people of Houston that this cities car scene is the best in the business!

*Bonus - UFC will be televised @ Frank-N-Steins during the toy drive. What better way to enjoy the night with cars, girls, bros, UFC, while collecting toys for kids!

***Supporting Clubs, Shops, and Forums***

*Bonus - Any auto club, performance shop, or forum that commits to getting involved and donates 10 or more toys has a unit. Will have their name printed on the back of the event T-Shirt! If you wish to have your commit please PM xtc4us or post in this thread. Please post the club, shop, or forum name and that you pledge to bring +10 toys. Email your logo to HPDTDixon@gmail.com or tdixon@crown-staffing.com Thank you!

- (HPD) Houston Performance Driving
- Frank-N-Steins Bar and Grill
- Cemo & Company
- Houston-Streets.com
- Crown Staffing INC
- ReliaPole Solutions
- Lawell Motorsports INC
- Houston-Imports.com
- PostNet
- Fearless Performance.org
- Rowboat Productions.com
- Join us!


When: Saturday. December 12th, 2009.
Where: Frank-N-Steins - 233 South Mason Rd. Katy, TX 77450.
Time: Start Time = 7PM until Midnight.
Why: It's for the kids! It's the right thing to do. It's X-MAS!
Who: Everyone!
How: Put the ride in D* and it's the pedal on the right.


Meet Rules:

*There will be police officers providing parking lot and event security.

- Bring a toy!
- No racing!
- No loud music.
- No unlawful behavior.
- No aggressive driving.
- Be safe!
- Positive attitude.
- Have fun!
- Have a MERRY X-MAS

V. Toy Drive Cruise to Galveston Island Info: (Sunday Dec. 13th)

- North Side Meet Location: (Collection Point 1)
Massive parking lot on 59 North between Kingwood Dr. and North Park Dr. Meet time @ 11AM w/ roll out @ Noon.

- South Side Meet Location: (Collection Point 2)
Hobby Lobby Parking lot on 288 South @ 518 W. in Pearland area. Meet time @ Noon w/ roll out @ 1:30PM

- Galveston Meet Location: (Collection Point 3)
Cherry Hill @ 3PM with roll out @ 4:30PM to eat dinner at Salas's Mexican and Seafood.

IMPORTANT!!! BACK UP MEET PLACE! If we are moved off Cherry Hill. Salas's Mexican and Seafood is connected to Academy. This parking lot is able to accommodate us.

Cruise Route: From the south side rally point.

- 288 South to Lake Jackson.
- Regroup and refuel @ Bucky's Gas Station.
- 332 East to Surf Side Beach.
- 332 will dead end at The Blue Water Highway.
- Turn NORTH to Galveston Island.
- The group must pass through the San Luis Pass Toll Bridge. It will be $2.00 for the toll. There is a system in place to get through quickly. *See below.
- Once on Seawall BLVD keep heading NORTH all the way to Cherry Hill.

*Pay System for Toll Bridge* = The Cruise Leader will pay for the first 10 cars = $20.......the car that is #11 in line will need to get out and collect $2.00 from the next 9 rides = $20.00. Once the person collects their $20.00 you need to let the next person in the chain know they have to get out and collect $18.00 + your* $2.00 = $20.00....it keeps going until we the end of the line. FYI: It will only take about 15-20 minutes to get off the bridge with +200 rides.

Note: EZ Tag does not work*

VI. Cruise Safety:
This will be a 100% SAFE CRUISE! There will be a zero tolerance on any kind of racing or unsafe driving. This is an event to collect toys for children. This is not NASCAR! Please do not drive outside of your ability.


- Toy donation.
- Full tank of fuel.
- Driver's Licence.
- 2 way radio! (This will be very helpful on the cruise)
- Sunglasses.
- SeXXXy female copilot.
- Lunch $.
- Positive attitude.
- Respect for Imports and Domestics.

VII. Questions or Concerns:
- Please contact Troy (xtc4us) or Garett (G-Z06) for any questions on the toy drive or the cruise. One of us will get back to you ASAP!

**REMINDER!** Ladies and Gentlemen, Please remember that we can only take new toys. Please do not bring used toys. Due to the health issues of these children. NEW TOYS ONLY PLEASE. Thank you!

Thank you from Houston Performance Driving!

11-02-2009, 10:04 PM
Great cause Troy!!!! :thumbsup:

The Cobra is down for a while, but maybe I can get my brother to bring his 02 ZO6 out while I ride shotgun and take pics :thumbsup:

11-18-2009, 11:03 AM
Woo Wooo thank! Still about 16 days out from the event. Hope to see some Cobras and Mustangs out there. Also be great to have SCMC on the event T-Shirt has a MD Anderson supporter. Just need +10 toys donated from the members of this forum. Thanks!

12-09-2009, 11:29 AM
Coming up this weekend!:bounce: