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11-30-2009, 06:06 PM
WIN a NEW Ford Shelby GT500KR & a trip for 2 to Las Vegas to claim the Shelby (along with a tour of the Shelby plant!!!) You can see this car at Huntersville Ford!

Please help bring awareness to this cause & purchase your ticket for this Racing to Save Animals Raffle! Guardians of Animals is a 100% volunteer organization. This means that every dime goes directly to the care, maintenance, health, transporting and investigation of animals.

More info:

A puppy mill is basically a puppy factory, it's "Americas Dirty Little Secret". Animals may live their entire lives in small cages with wires as flooring - forced to walk on breaking wire so their droppings can easily fall to a bottom tray for easier clean up for the puppy miller. It's similar to what you would expect to find in a commercial slaughter house. Many of the puppy millers only care how their animals produce puppies and consistently mistreat the animals.

How we help:

- investigate puppy mills
- take possession of abused/neglected animals
- educate pet stores to NOT purchase from puppy mills
- educate the consumer to ask more questions about where their new pet comes from
- educate children to spot harmful behavior towards animals

Dates/Times: 11/18/2009 9AM CST - 1/04/2010 5PM CST

The Prize: NEW 2009 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR

For more information & to buy tickets, please visit: www.racingtosaveanimals.com

Our Mission

Guardians of Animals is a registered non-profit organization comprised of individuals who are deeply dedicated to the welfare of animals. We find animal cruelty comes in many different forms. It can be anything from dog fighting to general neglect. Guardians of Animals believes the best way to combat this is to raise awareness and teach the masses about the cruelties we uncover. Working together with others around the world to teach the young about compassion will produce an enlightened generation.

Guardians of Animals was founded in 2005 by a group of individuals who wanted to be an organization that prides itself for being dedicated to both animal rights and animal welfare. After working along side of other organizations, it was found that it was time to set an example on how to operate a balanced organization. The members are deeply dedicated to exposing animal cruelty by investigation without disregard for laws. Guardians of Animals does not want to be extremists who do things for the wrong type of attention. We want to make it clear that animal groups can work with law enforcement to bring cruelty cases to justice. It is hoped that by this example, other animal activists will be supportive to this synergetic approach and ultimately have animal groups working together with each other and with respect to the local and federal laws.

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P.O. Box 511 Jonesville, NC 28642 919-526-2089

www.guardiansofanimals.org info@guardiansofanimals.org

Please send comments to Ray Jones at info@guardiansofanimals.org

If you are unable to view this newsletter or any images in this email, please visit:

www.guardiansofanimals.org www.racingtosaveanimals.com