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12-04-2009, 01:37 AM
Hey all...

Anyone know where the heck you can find the 11" upgrade clutch at??? (part# M-7060-C46 - that comes with the '99 flywheel, 11" disk, 11" pressure plate)

I checked the FRPP site and it shows that it's not available any more. :-( Soooo not cool. I finally have the money to replace the clutch on my '96 and figured I'd do the upgrade since I'm already in there and would probably have to resurface my flywheel anyway. I've emailed one guy that I saw selling it personally, but if that doesn't pull thru, I'd like to have options of where to buy one at. I can't find anyone that sells it or has it in stock. Craaapppp!!!!

Any help would be appreciated. :thumbsup: