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12-11-2009, 08:53 AM
Thursday morning before thanksgiving. 08:15 while eating breakfast the largest of the three cats has an infarction, I picked him up and he died. Arrangements for that were made. Meanwhile I loaded the 01 Cobra for our trip. We were trying to leave Virginia Beach during the hurricane force winds and ridiculous amount of rain. While leaving we drove down a flooded street. While in about four inches of water we encountered a dip in the road. This dip brought the depth of the water to about a foot, but only for a brief period. Well, the car cut off. I waited a bit and no starting. After pushing the car out of the middle of the road, the insurance company assured us a tow truck was enroute. I called a neighbor to come get me. I left the car and the wife there and got a ride home and got the wifes' car. I went back and got the stuff out of the car and the wife. The tow truck arrived and picked up the car and we went back to my house, about a mile or so away. The mechanic that I go to, a friend who owns a shop said to leave it and let it dry. After changing into relatively dry clothes my wife got back from getting gas in her car so we could go on our trip. The wife walked in and said we could not go that day. Seems her car went through a deep puddle at bjs and stalled but she was able to get it restarted and got home. So we decided to leave friday in the am. So thursday night about six o'clock while finishing cooking dinner the power goes out. While eating with the wife and a close friend he insisted we use his car for our trip. So we took him home and kept his car for the trip. We left friday morning and went on the trip. Sunday morning we came out to get in the car and it had a flat. Of course the wrench in it didn't work so a trip to the local walmart was necessary. After fixing that and leaving that area we got a phone call from a neighbor, the power had come back on. It was only out for three days. Got home and found our homeowners policy does not cover any food spoilage loss as we dropped that coverage and raised our deductibe to save monthly costs by a few bucks. Smart. The car insurance has sent me a check to get the engine replaced in the Mustang, the shop is discussing some more money with the appraiser. The new ford engine will hopefully be in soon. Oh, and we were frugal enough to drop the rental car coverage from the car insurance too. Again, smart. Saved a couple of dollars per month. So I took the borrowed car to northern va. for thanksgiving. Seems the expansion tank behind the radiator developed a split. Epoxy fixed that but burping the cooling system took two days to get the heater core wet. Had to lift the passenger side repeatedly and well, go through a great deal of hassle. Not to mention the valve cover gasket was leaky. So it was fun. Now the wife and I are trying to share her car and are awaiting the Mustangs return. Got the clutch and will swap out spirngs and shocks/struts while it is in the shop. Maybe a couple of other parts too. Fun! Hope no one else has had this kind of amusing experience!


12-11-2009, 09:04 AM
wow, that does not sound like fun. Sorry for all that.

12-18-2009, 09:05 AM
Yesterday the insurance company decided to reissue the check for the repairs. Seems the bank didn't want to endorse the check until the repairs were completed and inspected by a seperate mechanic. The insurance company decided under these circumstances to issue the check and any adjustments to the shop and side step the bank all together. So we expect the check to arrive monday, at which time we can go ahead and order the parts like the engine. So I have been without the car since a weel before thanksgiving. Kind of regret saving four dollars a month by dropping the rental car coverage. Oh well, we learned some new things.