View Full Version : F/s 2004 Mach 1 14000 Miles

02-23-2010, 04:20 PM
F/S 2004 Mach 1. Hey everyone, we just took this gorgeous car in on trade and thought I'd post it here in case someone would like it or knows someone who would. The car is red. 14k miles. Stored in climate controlled garage. All original except for shifte handle. Has a pistol grip style handle. The car is all there with no flaws. Have original books etc. Price is $21000. I'm a sales manager at a Ford dealership so we can provide financing to qualified buyers. Please contact me with any questions. From what I gather, I cannot post attachments(pictures) so here is the website to see the pictures. Thanks, Jim http://www.bobvalenti.com (http://www.bobvalenti.com/)