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03-04-2010, 03:17 PM
I orderd an SCT X3 hand held tuner with a custom tune specific for my 04 Cobra. The only mod to my car is an SLP cat-back exhaust. I opted not to have the traction control turned off since the button does the job and wanted to keep that function. Over the winter I would crank up the engine and let it run for a while at least twice a month so the battery would not die on me which happend last year resulting in a few issues. Last night the weather was cooperating a bit. Warmed up the engine for a while before loading up the new program. Note, my car is essentially stock (except for air filter, plugs, and cat-back). Loaded up the new tune which was an easy task. Had to move the wife's car out of the way and took a test drive. Unfortunately, it started raining but not much to pose an issue since the roads were still dry. I took it easy until the engine was at optimum operating temperature. I did notice the fan control was different. The exhaust sounded healty. The road surface was still dry and when I got to the highway time to open up. :eek:

Not sure exactly what gains there are if any, but dang, I should have done this long ago. I was quite used to the factory tune and acceleration but I was not prepared to feel a difference. Was really contemplating changing the rear gears as if it was not needed now. The reason for the tuner was for the gear change and the ability to do some minor data logging. I was not expecting my backside to feel the difference :thumbsup:
My trip was to go to the local store and pick up some items my wife asked me to get. Of course it turned out to be a 20 mile trip but well worth it. After getting out of the store, the rain became more abundant and the roads were wet. (took me a long time to figure out that chicken stock is kept with the soup, plus I was on the phone with a buddy of mine giving him an update on my plans to mod my car). Time to see how the traction control responds. It did not seem to be a hinderance, unfortunately my tires were hooking up like glue on the wet surfaces, WTF? :rolleyes: More road time will be necessary just to see if there are any differences with the traction control on and getting it to trip into active mode (the old spit and bogg with loss of power and fear of getting hit by another car while pulling out into traffic mode).

So far I am impressed with the differences. Is there anything I sould be concerned with? The tuner said the tune will be safe if I drop the pulley to a 3.1". Before I make any pulley changes, I would prefer to have it dyno tuned to be safe.

03-04-2010, 08:50 PM
A good dyno tune to fine tune it would be the safest way to go. Your hp has probably increased by 75 rwhp. WTG with your new found power.

03-05-2010, 12:53 AM
I doubt that I have gained 75rwhp with just a custom tune on a stock motor (still have the pulley which is ? 3.6"? However, the difference I felt was about the same when being used to driving an 01 cobra and moving over to the 04.

I will wait for a pulley swap since the cost for dyno tune is around $800.00. I plan to stay conservative and only drop to a 3.2 inch. I believe when the time is near I will swap the pulley and have the A/F checked and tune if necessary.