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03-09-2010, 12:37 AM
Hey Everyone!

I am finally dusting off the Cobra and treating her to a fresh set of rubber. I need some direction on what tires are good these days. I have not bought performance tires since probably 03, but those BFG KDWs are pretty much Tijuana Slicks now... :D

I want a tire that has tremendous grip, and I dont really care if it doesnt last extremely long. I only put about 2k miles per year on the car, so i would rather they wore out before they became rock hard from being old. I don't really care too much about wet traction, the car doesn't see too many rainy days.

I am looking at the Kumho Ecsta XS. Anyone have any input on these tires? I am not finding a lot of tires I really like in a 275/40/17. It seems to be quite the dying breed of tire sizes, but i'm not about to go buy a set of 18" wheels... :thumbsup:

Any input is great, and hello again to SCMC!!!

03-09-2010, 02:55 PM
I have been a fan of Toyo tires since 2002. I know you said that you did not want to change wheel sizes, Unfortunately I have 18" wheels. However, I also have 10th anniv. 17" wheels too. For a grippy tire for all 4 corners would be the Toyo R888. It is a street legal DOT approved track tire. The 275/40/17 tire would have a running diameter of 25.7", width of 11" and tread depth of 6/32" for fitment of 9-11 wheel widths. This tire would provide the best performance on the street, drag strip or road course, but they are expensive.

There is also the R1R tire in the same size with the same construction but different compound and tread design. Diameter 25.6", width 10.8" and tread depth is 8/32".

The tires I run are the Toyo T1R but they do not have the exact size in the 17 inch wheel. 265/40/17 is the largest which would be a tad bit smaller with a 25.3" diameter, 10.6" width and 11/32 tread depth.

I am not familiar with Nitto, but many that are like them. Other than the NT555 series tires, there is the NT05 and the NT05R (drag radial) in the 275/40/17 size.

I am familiar with Khumo but not for the mustang. I have the MT tires on my FJ but that is no help here....
The ECSTA XS has a narrow solid tread band on the tire which may pose tracking issues on the street. The nitto NT05 has a much wider tread band that may help on the street to prevent wandering. I have had many tires and found that tires with the solid tread bands did not provide satisfactory performance at or below posted speed limits, However, when pushed to its limits they were precise (Bridgestone Pole Position S03 were notourious for low speed tracking issues but were solid when pushed). The Firestone Firehawks (similar in design to the NT555) also had solid tread bands in the center of the tire. One reason why I like the Toyo tires which are more compliant on the street at slow speed (driving with traffic) and yet have exceptional grip (when driving around traffic). Sooner or later I will have to replace the BFG tires on my 17x9 wheels, may consider the R888 or the R1R on all 4 corners.