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03-16-2010, 06:00 PM
Because of this....
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I'm posting this response here sorry if that outed your upcoming mod if you want I can pull it down after you copy and paste them somewhere, just call me on my cell if you need me to do that

PLEASE NOTE: THIS NOT A HOW TO THREAD! It is merely a reference with pictures and suggestions.

The ultimate how to is right here:
I can not emphasize how valuable and important it is to read Bruce's site completely.
You will NOT be sorry you invested the time.

Hey Jimmy! Its been a minute! Question: do you have the pics for when you did the full suspension upgrade on your irs? Im doing the conversion in my 93 and wanted to see the pics and to ask you also which would be the most important upgrade and in which order? Thanks much!

Yep I got a bunch of pics, since the car will be down for at least one day it makes no sense to do this incrementally, it's just too much work.

The most important changes would be the Aluminum(front of the) pinion and Delrin rear diff cover mounting bushings.

But to do it right the upper and lower control arms really need to be changed to Delrin. The Factory 03/04 rubber bushings even though harder and improved from other years still allow toe changes on acceleration and this contributes to wheel hop.

The IRS sub frame/cradle is mounted with rubber also.
You really do not want ANY RUBBER back there at all.

The best place to buy the IRS upgrade bushings is ...
The owners name is Bruce and he is also a moderator on SVTperformance.com in several forums but is often found in the Cobra R and Open Track forums.
He is a great guy and is extremely knowledgeable.
His kit is now available with grease fittings.... GET THEM!

OK here we go..
A valuable before tear down shot.(I needed it during reassembly)
Note broken 5/16 drill bit... don't put side loads on it, just drill out the bushings prior to extraction and that's all that's needed.
Drilled out cradle bushings after extraction.

Unless you are running 450 ft lbs of torque or are omitting the wheel hop eliminating components of this mod, you may not need this dif cover brace

Depending on your rear tire width and offset choices, you may or may not need this tire sidewall clearance enhancing rear cradle mounting bolt.

This is the critical rear dif cover mounting bushing... now rigid Delrin.

Please note that this rear sway bar is NOT BENT and that they are all like that 99/04, though I do not know why.

The installation using proper tool(CRITICAL!!!) of one of the UHMW cradle mount bushings.

Inner sleeve

Welded in shimming washer removed and cleaned up.

Excessive gap displayed.

Arms prior to bushing extraction.

Lower arm w/Delrin

COLOSSAL CLUSTER of special tools when you don't have the correct ones :mad:
Uppers w/ Delrin bushings installed.
Lowers w/ Delrin bushings installed

Please note that Bruce's full tilt boogie racing web site is a TREASURE of excellent IRS tech.
From tools to parts to reasons why, the text and pics are INVALUABLE!!!
I recommend reading EVERY PAGE!!! It's totally worth it! :thumbsup:

03-18-2010, 02:06 PM
Thanks for posting again Jimmy. Love this stuff.

03-21-2010, 06:42 AM
I forgot to thank you Jimmy for reposting this-- thanks very much!!

03-23-2010, 10:59 PM
The swap is complete! SUCCESS! The car rides and handles 100% better--even with the stock 01 irs's shortcomings. I'll do the rear upgrades in stages with the diff being 'stage one'.