View Full Version : Installed JLT RAI but had a problem, Are the SCT MAF any good?

03-17-2010, 04:56 AM
The JLT RAI kit came yesterday. :D Very easy to install, great product, nice fit, but there was a problem. The MAF meter was no longer round in shape. The factory inlet pipe was not in great shape either where it connected to the MAF meter (not an issue since I will not use it anymore).

I did complete the install anyway since I doubt the volume has changed much. I would guess that 50k miles and heat from the passenger side headers took its toll on the plastic materials causing a deformation. Oh well, time to replace the MAF meter. Thinking of the SCT BA-2600. Just wondering if it is preset for injector sizes or will the SCT X3 tuner take care of that in the reflash?

I did some data logging this morning with the factory inake in place. Monitored IAT, ECT, MAF counts, RPM, and speed. At the time of the test, air temperatures were clost to 56F. Measured IAT ranged from 67F to 75F. Engine temps did not change dramatically and remained in the safe operating range.

Repeated the same test on the same roads with the JLT RAI kit installed. However the ambient air temperature has risen a good 20F. During the run, min IAT temp was measured at 77F and max at 104F. The high temps occured during engine braking and down shifting. Sitting at a traffic light did not seem to be of concern and averaged about 10F above the outside air temperature at idle. I will have to repeat the test over again since I turned off the engine before terminating the data logging and lost more than half of the data.

Overall, SWEET. There is a nice huge noise blaring from the supercharger. Having fun with all the new found power (probably not much that most of you are used too) I was reminded soon after taking a few trips why I am rebuilding the rear end. Worn traction-loc clutches were beginning to slip again.

03-21-2010, 10:58 AM
I called my tuner the other day, as well as SCT (took a long time to get to a person but I got my questions answered, BA-2600 will not work with my tune unless I have it set up for the MAF meter). My tuner recommended to get a Pro-M MAF meter which is calibrated for the Ford ECU and 39Lb/hr injectors. Pro-M seemed to be a better part since the mounting surface for the MAF sensor is not rivited in place like the SCT. My tuner said he could update my tune for the SCT BA-2600 but for a cost. I have no plans on making any major mods at this time that would require larger injectors or more boost since there is far more cost and items to aquire than what meets the eye which is out of my budget (already spent more than I wanted too so far, still have to find a shop to rebuild the rear).

04-17-2010, 11:47 AM
I ordered the Pro-M 95mm MAF and had it calibrated for the stock fuel injectors when I ordered it. What was interesting to note, when you order the MAF, you can opt for selection of bends in front of the meter if you have a CAI like the BBK or similar. With the JLT CAI or RAI that is not an option since the filter mounts directly on the MAF. Attached are two pictures. One of which is the stock MAF meter. Note the elliptical shape of the MAF. The egg shape was much worse when I first installed the JLT RAI kit. I am assuming that in addition to heat and a different clamp, the rear opening of the MAF may have changed a bit. Also it seems to have slightly improved its shape as the plastic has cooled down while it was sitting on the shelf while not in use. The Pro-M meter is made out of aluminum and the mounting area for the MAF meter is welded onto the tube, not rivited on like some of the other MAF meters like the SCT BA series. I checked all of the parameters by data logging MAF counts, voltages, air flow, etc as well as fuel pump duty cycle, injector duty cycle and pressure across injectors to determine if there were any differences to data I collected with the factory MAF meter when installed to the JLT RAI kit as well as the Ford factory intake setup. The data appears to be consistent. Eventually I will have the A/F ratio's verified by dyno.