View Full Version : 19 rims?

03-18-2010, 02:12 PM
hey, im a newb here.. trying to adopt a snake pretty soon

i hav this rim but i dunno if they would fit in the snake.

19X8.5 front and 19X10 at the back.. offsets are 17 front 22back..

would it fit?


03-21-2010, 01:02 PM
I would measure the back space of the wheel, lip of inside edge to mounting surface. For a stock 17x8 wheel used on the 2001 SVT has a back space of 5.72" with a 30mm offset. Offset for an 18x9 inch wheel for mustangs up to 04 year is 24mm with a 5.9" back space. Backspace should equal (width/2) + (offset in inches) + 1/4". My 18x10 rear wheels have the same offset and I have no issues with fitment or need for wheel spacers. However, the front rear IRS mounting bolt may pose an issue or it may not. Also will depend on width and aspect ratio of tire used. As for the front wheel, it may stick out a bit from the fender but should fit. From the outside edge, the difference on a stock 17x9 wheel is 3.3", your wheel will be 3.33". Calculated backspace is close to 5.17". All that will matter is tire width and aspect ratio. If the Cobra is lowered, there may be an issue with fitment. I found this link below to measure backspace and how it relates to offset. I hope it helps.


Andy M
03-22-2010, 07:45 PM
nice rims but I would personally not do anything larger than 18's. This of course is always a matter of personal preference and we live in a free country (at least partially as of yesterday unfortunately!) so you are free to do whatever floats your boat! I would be curious to see these on a Cobra if you do it - so please post pics!