View Full Version : JLT RAI is an awesome product

04-29-2010, 08:24 AM
I just wanted to note that the JLT RAI is an awesome product. I did not have any issues with the install, appearance or function of the product. My initial post almost made it look like there was a problem. There was but had nothing to do with the JLT kit.

It looks great sitting on top of the engine too! Nice to hear the air get sucked into the intake once you crack open the throttle. Hit it hard and the Eaton just screams. I know it is much louder that before. Buzzed by my friends house who was inside at the time and he heard it too. Too bad I waited so long to make the change.

I will have to see how the IAT temps compare with the headlight out. So far with the shield in place, I do not see much of a major temperature change when compared to the stock intake without the silencer boot.