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Teal Terminator
06-17-2010, 09:14 AM
Well I wasn’t sure this day would ever come but as much as it may pain me to see the car go I think it’s time to sell The Teal Terminator. I’ve owned the car for almost 4 years now, made many improvements, would consider it nearly “complete” and I’m just ready for a new project. I’m in no rush to sell the car and I don’t “need” it gone, so no low-ball offers please, it’s just time to move onto something different. If I can't get what I want for it I'll just keep it.

I was going to wait until the car was printed in MM&FF before advertising it but figured in this market who knows how long it might take to sell the car so I’ll just go ahead and throw it out there. It will be featured in MM&FF though within the next couple of months I hope (they shot it last August). Also, if I still have the car come Mustang Week (the end of July in Myrtle Beach, SC) I will be taking the car down there. So if you happen to live a good distance away but are planning to attend MW you might could check it out in person then.

I’m going to go ahead and pre-apologize for this being a lengthy advertisement but I’m going to do my best to get all the details out there the first go around. I can’t stand it when people post up cars for sale and only list a minimal amount of information, leaving it up to others to ask the right questions etc. But of course feel free to ask any follow up questions.

First and foremost because I don’t want there to be any confusion or anyone to think I am trying to hide anything: The car (the body, the VIN) started off as a 2001 V6 car. It is NOT a “real” Cobra. The title also shows it as a “Total Loss Claim.” So if any of that bothers you, this is not the car for you. As you will see below though there is really nothing left on the vehicle that was “original” and the damage that originally occurred to the V6 car was a ¼ panel and hood damage. The guy I bought the car from, who did the conversion, said there was no structural or frame damage to the car and since ownership I have had that verified by a quality body shop. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this car.

Some history: As stated above, this car started off as an ’01 V6. It was then “converted” to an 03/04 Cobra clone with ALL components (engine, drivetrain, interior, IRS, suspension, brakes, body panels, etc). The only things I am aware of that are not the same as a Terminator are the sun visors (they don’t have a light on them) and the rear ¼ panels are actually from a Mach I. After the conversion it was painted 1993 Cobra Teal. The gentleman who did the conversion also painted the car and told me he had been painting for 20 years. You can look at the paint and tell it was a quality job. It does have a few very small imperfections in a couple spots (like a spec of dust/trash in the clear coat here and there and a run in one spot that I am aware of, all of which could easily be wet sanded out, I’ve just never wanted to risk it). Overall though the paint is like factory or better. The car has always been garaged since it was painted and at least for the past 3 ½ years has been out in the rain only a handful of times.

I bought the car essentially as a stock Terminator that had been painted Teal. The motor, drivetrain and interior all came from a donor Cobra. Some of the other components were bought new when the conversion was performed. The car was “converted” and painted in the beginning of 2006. I purchased the car in August of 2006 with the odometer then reading 43,000 miles. That mileage corresponded to the original donor Cobra motor and drivetrain. But 2006 and 43k is basically your zero reference for the paint and some of the components on the car (remember this when reading my indicated mileage below on given parts). Since then the motor has been rebuilt (a couple times unfortunately… some oil consumption issues that have been completely resolved now) and many of the factory components have been replaced (details below).


-Just rebuilt @ 63,300 miles. The heads were also gone back through (valve job, valve seals, head resurfacing)
-Broken in with Joe Gibbs dedicated break-in oil, now running Castrol 5W-20
-All ARP hardware
-All new gaskets and seals
-New Energy Suspension polyurethane motor mounts
-Bored .020 over
-17cc Diamond Pistons and Rings, factory Manley rods
-All new coated high performance bearings
-Factory forged crank
-The piston to cylinder wall clearance is slightly greater than factory, to prevent the “common” failure in the factory short block of pistons seizing up on high speed runs or extended periods of high boost. There is however no audible piston slap from this added clearance.
-The heads have had some mild porting to the bowls.
-Canton oversized road racing oil pan
-Canton coolant expansion tank
-LDC head cooling mod
-I lightly sanded and painted the valve covers at ~48k miles
- JLT 12” CAI (I painted the tube Teal as well)
-All Billetflow pullies (including auxiliary idler)
-Metco lower pulley kit (have 4# and 2# rings) with 3.2” alternator pulley
-BBK longtube headers w/ matching highflow cat H-pipe
-DMH Performance low profile exhaust cutouts (these are lots of fun!) (vid)***
-FR500 catback w/ SLP 3.5” beveled tips welded on
-Powder coated (black) KB inlet, timing chain cover, pulley bracket, pullies and more
-LFP single blade throttle body
-Kenne Bell 2.8H blower (have 3.75” and 4” pullies including removal tool)
-Mildly ported/polisted KB inlet
-NGK TR7IX plugs


-Siemens Deka 63lb/hr injectors (flow matched)
-Fore Precision billet fuel hat
-Dual Ford GT fuel pumps
-Dual FPDM
-KB FRPS disk
-Lethal Performance FPDM wiring upgrade kit


-Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel with replaceable inner ring
-McCloud RST Twin Disk Clutch/PP (installed at 56,250 miles)
-Liberty 26 spline input shaft
-Lakewood adjustable clutch fork pivot ball
-New throwout bearing when motor was rebuilt
-Rearend rebuilt with all new bearings at ~57k miles
-FMS 3.73 gears added at the same time
-Black powder coated Billetflow IRS diff. brace.
-IRS center section polyurethane bushings
-MGW shifter
-Fiore Performance firewall clutch cable adjustor
-Engine Works adjustable clutch quadrant
-LDC clutch freeplay correction kit


-Stock cut springs (~3/4 coil front, ~1 coil rear), still has isolators


-AFS chrome 18” factory replica wheels (18x9 front, 18x10.5 rear)
-Nitto 275/35R18 NT05’s (front)
-Nitto 305/35R18 NT555RII’s (rear)
-All of the above added at 62,250 miles


-Multi-position SCT chip
-Window tint (~32%)
-Maximum Motorsports full length weld-in subframe connectors w/ seat braces
-Cobra emblem on front grille
-Redline Tuning gas hood shocks
-AEM wideband A/F gauge
-Aeroforce Interceptor gauge (including 3 bar MAP sensor)
-Autometer gauge cluster
-New front brake pads at ~51k miles (rotors turned as well)
-New alternator at ~48k miles
-Maximum Motorsports low profile IRS bolts
-New oxygen sensors and fuel filter at ~54k miles
-Front and rear alignment at ~57k miles
-Changed KB oil at ~61k miles
-Various belts for different pulley combos
-Dynamat Extreme covering all interior surfaces of the car including the trunk and doors (except the roof panel)
-Custom painted GT500 coil covers
-I have nearly all instructions and receipts for anything aftermarket put on the car
-Genuine SVT 03/04 Cobra owners manual
-Easily gets 20+ mpg on the highway if you keep your foot out of it (the past two years I’ve got 23 mpg going to/from Mustang Week).

A couple nit-picky things that bother me but probably won’t bother most folks:

1) The rear gears whine just a touch between 35-40 mph. It is kind of strange because any gears I’ve had wine in the past do it all the time, and I can’t stand that, but thankfully these only do it in that speed range (NOT rpm’s). Most people would never notice it if I didn’t point it out. Not worth the hassle/expense to remove and re-install them though.

2) The rear fenders could stand to be rolled. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time but just haven’t gotten around to it. This is mostly b/c they only rub under hard acceleration (or big bumps) when turning. If I were to go back to VIR with the car I would definitely do this first. But when they do rub it is still very minor (no cutting of the tires but you can see black transfer on the fender lip).

Power/Track Times:

The car was dynotuned by Ed Clark (one of developers/starters of SCT software). The best numbers I’ve ever seen on the dyno were 596 HP / 536 TQ but that was on a hot/humid day and I’m not quite sure how much timing the car was seeing at the time. I believe those numbers were with the 4#/4” pulley combo. The more important numbers are the track times. The best ET to date was a 10.78 @ 134.6 mph w/ a 1.58 60ft on 17” M/T DR’s. That was with the 4#/3.75” pulley combo and a can of Torco for safe measure. The pass after the one listed above the car actually trapped 134.89 mph but I just tapped the rev limiter before passing the line so I’m fairly certain it would do 135.X mph. And just as an FYI, the car weighs 3930 lbs with me in it. Ultimately the motor in this car is built to handle in excess of 800 rwhp and all that is needed is to crank the boost up on the 2.8H or add turbo(s) if desired for gobs more HP/TQ!

As an aside, for those worried about the stock half shafts, the car has probably only made between 10-15 passes at the track since I have owned it and I’ve only ever pulled two 1.5X and three 1.6X 60fts ever and those were made with some slipping of the clutch (ie not dead drops). I have not been back to the track since the rebuilt motor or the addition of the 18” wheels/tires. I am and always have been more of a street car kind of guy. I like to go to the track after new mods/etc just to see what kind of improvements have been made but for me the enjoyment is driving a car on the street.

The car has also been to two HPDE track weekends at VIR. For the stock suspension and power the car has always done very well and I never had one hiccup (except a vac hose that did pop off once that I’ve since zipped tied on). I really wanted to go to the SVT Superfest at VIR a few weekends ago but I ultimately decided it was a bad idea knowing that I was going to be trying to sell the car. It would be my luck to put her in a tire wall and that might hamper my attempts to sell it, lol.

And FINALLY… this car has been extremely well taken care of since the day it was converted. I am very meticulous with all of my cars and probably even a little OCD (or it might have something to do with being an engineer as well, lol). The bottom line is while this car may not be a “real” Terminator by VIN; it is a perfectly executed clone with like new paint and interior, a brand new motor, and all top quality aftermarket parts. This is a one of a kind car with a uniqueness that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. And if you don’t like the price or think it’s too high for a “clone” please tell somebody else about it and don’t muck up my post. I know what it is and will be the first to tell you about it. It’ll do everything a “real” Cobra will and then some!

Asking Price: $26,500
Reduced: $25,000

*The ONLY possible Mustang trades I might consider at this time would be a very clean 94/95 with 500+ rwhp (preferably a built bottom end and turbo), a slim possibility of trading for a super clean Foxbody (only Notch or Cobra), again preferably turbocharged or just maybe something “different” like a turbo or S/C Marauder.

Thanks for taking the time to read my extremely lengthy ad (or for just jumping straight to the bottom to see the price ;-)). Please feel free to respond here or PM me with any questions/concerns. Thanks, Ryan

***I forgot to mention three things:

1) There is no lien on this vehicle. I have the title in hand.

2) Update: Odometer at 65,800 miles. (11/3/10)

3) Nevermind... Capital One no longer extends their "blank check" financing to private sellers (only "approved" dealers when buying used).


***I have many other pics. If there is something in particular you'd like to see just let me know, if I don't have it I'll take it.


I will take some better interior shots, these are older. I just want to show it has the full Cobra interior. It also now has 10th anniversary mats in it.


Teal Terminator
06-17-2010, 09:15 AM
More Pics...


Exhaust Cutouts:

Videos of Cutouts-
YouTube- Electronic Exhaust Cutouts on Cobra (Interior) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTICiwIv8H4)

YouTube- Electronic Exhaust Cutouts on Cobra (Exterior Start Up) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2j-HW6zLcU)

YouTube- Electronic Exhaust Cutouts on Cobra (underneath) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJRw-Kv8F34)

Teal Terminator
06-17-2010, 09:16 AM
A few shots after a recent buff-


A couple shots with different wheel/tire combos-

10th Anniversary Wheels
Ruff Racing Wheels
17" Cobra Wheels

06-17-2010, 10:02 AM
WOW!!!! I love your car G/L with the sale!!!!

If I happen to find a bag of money you will be the first person I call.... :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

06-17-2010, 06:56 PM
That's a serious machine. May not be titled as a Cobra but it's a Snake nonetheless and a deadly bite just as much. I'm in the process of turning my 99 Cobra into a Terminator and I hope my end result is as nice as yours. The addition of the Dynamat material must make for a heck of a quite ride not to mention helping with the climate control in the car. Does that stuff add alot of weight to the car. I was contemplating doing the same to my car. I wish you luck selling it. :thumbsup:

Teal Terminator
06-17-2010, 09:23 PM
It's funny, I think I've had more questions about the sound deadener than anything else on this car, lol.

I'll send you to the same post I've sent others to. I did a little write up about it after I had it installed for a couple months. Check it out here (http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/terminator-talk-229/625722-sound-deadener-install-complete.html).

06-17-2010, 10:58 PM
Thanks. I guess a convertible wouldn't benefit much 'cept in the heat department. Maybe i'll look into doing it for the front areas of the floor boards. BTW that was a great write up.

Teal Terminator
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Teal Terminator
08-28-2010, 11:19 AM
Update: Odometer just rolled over 65,250 miles.

Teal Terminator
09-04-2010, 11:49 AM
Price drop: $25,000

Teal Terminator
10-10-2010, 09:08 PM
To the top!