View Full Version : For Sale: 2004 Chrome SVT Cobra Wheels

08-25-2010, 09:22 PM
I've been thinking about selling my 2004 Chrome SVT Cobra wheels with tires. I will take trades but the wheels must be 17X9 wheels, like the Satin wheels on a 2003/2004 Cobra or tenth anniversary. These are factory chrome wheels with center caps. If you have to ask for pictures, then you don't know me well enough to know they are in excellent condition. Full refund if you are not completely satisfied if you pay a binder on them. SCMC members take priority on the sale. Best Offer on these wheels and tires. (Tires have 10K miles on them and one of them is not an original)

I don't ship except I will bring them to an SCMC event and I won't take paypal, just cash or certified check. I don't care if I sell these or not but if there is a member that wants to buy them then I'll let them go. Best offer must meet my minimum requirement I have in mind.

Just pm me if interested...thx