View Full Version : 2003 Steeda King Cobra Convertible 4 sale

Mellow Yellow
09-01-2010, 10:23 PM
My 2003 Steeda King Cobra is for sale.

Check out all the details on eBay.

Steeda Options installed before the original owner took posession.

This is a real Steeda Car #19 as shown in the photos.

440 RWHP - Approximately 500 at the crank. Lonestar Motorsports Detuned the car from 500 RWHP to ensure that it didn't knock while being driven on the street.

I detuned the motor from 500 RWHP because I wanted to be able to drive it on 91 octane gas without any detonation. The car drives like a dream and is as streetable as any factory car...I promise this is not some rigid race car in street trim...it is a street friendly torque monster!!! Steeda did a great job with the suspension to ensure a comfortable ride with great handling in the corners.

Lone Star Performance in Garland Texas upgraded the motor at 12,000 miles. Upgraded to Ram Clutch and JE Internals.

At 500 RWHP the car should be capable of close to 180 mph...I haven't personally tried.

Added by Steeda:

Diablo Sport Chip

2.810 Pulley

Cold air intake

Polished Throttle Body

Strut Tower Brace Kit

Frame Rail Connectors

Sport Springs

Light Bar

Bassani Exhaust

Tri-Ax Shifter

Steeda stripes

Billet Locks

My wife and I love this car, but with 3 kids we can't all ride in it, so we're just not getting the use we want out of it. It is such a head turner. I don't think I ever heard a sexier exhaust note.

This car is a garage queen - never left outside and waxed often.

I reserve the right to end this auction at any time seeing as it is listed for sale locally.

Serious inquiries may reach me at 580-467-7967. (please correspond via my e-mail if possible first lorenswor@yahoo.com (lorenswor@yahoo.com))