09-08-2010, 08:46 AM
A note to all that I will only post the facts with out the anger I currently feel. 2006 GT custom,26k, KB Bigboy, Air ride tech suspension,fully built motor. Sent my vehicle to Rick at Amazon Racing after waiting 3 months for an appointment to have motor r/r, lower end build and tuned. After having the vehicle dropped off I waited 4 months to find it had not been touched. We talked and I was informed at this time the engine guy was backed up and .....not sure when he'll get to it. He agreed at this time to remove motor and I would have it built at a local shop in Darlington next to the track. It took another 3 months of waiting and calling to get it out. Had to travel 4 hours to his shop to pick up motor and have it done locally. This enitre process including return to 3 months. Mark up another 6 months to have it installed and another 4 months to have the call its ready. In total almost 2 full years for a job originally quoted at 1-3 months total.
THE CURRENT PROBLEMS: VEHICLE BROKE DOWN WITH IN SITE OF HIS SHOP....ADD 3 MORE MONTHS FOR ME TO WAIT, CONTACT ATTORNEY AND BE ADVISED TO HAVE IT PICKED UP NOT RUNNING. ALL TIRES ARE DRY ROTTED AND TRASH, HOOD HAD BEEN LEFT UP OUTSIDE AND RUST IS OVER MANY OF THE ENGINE BRACKETS, MAIN BELT HAD BEEN LOST AND REPLACED WITH A UNIT THAT IS SO LOOSE IT FALLS OFF HOWEVER NOT LONG ENOUGH TO INCLUDE A/C COMPRESSOR, TRIM PIECES FROM THE CAR ARE MISSING, WHEN IT STARTS IT SMOKES INCREDIBLY BAD...( he claimed this was from the seafoam in the tank he added...yea right), KB cooler not wired, etc. All this for only. $2800.00. I belong to a family that has had the same lot open for 55 years and running, I own my own dealership and without question this has been the worst experience and screwing I've ever had or seen in all my time. I've read some good things about this operation but noticed most where when located in Arizonia. My advise is "beware you where warned" and everything posted is real and documented. It will take a court of law to remedy this situation and I intend to do so....keep you posted...

09-08-2010, 09:25 AM
Sorry to hear about your problems at Amazon, hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction. :(