View Full Version : New Lexan Winscreen for Verts @ JLT Performance

09-16-2010, 02:21 PM
Brand new product @ JLT Performance.
These are in production now and will start shipping in 1 week.

Lexan Windscreens for all 05-11 Mustang Verts with MRT light bars. (we are looking into fitment of other brands at this time)

Designed to block the wind and cut down noise, it helps control driver's area comfort and looks great!

1pc or 2pc Tonneau Cover? Will work with almost any kind!

Functional wind blocking screen that looks great!
The SE Wind Screen is manufactured from UV-protected high impact lexan. In addition, the SE Mustang Wind Screen adhesive rubber trim molding seals the fit of the Window to the light bar and provides a tight and sturdy mount.

Rubber trim moldings are attached with a strong bonding adhesive that will withstand speeds well in excess of your speed limits and will provide a long lasting and secure bond.

The Wind Screen is easily installed in about 45 minutes using common tools and following the step by step instructions. Using small coated and attractive wrinkle textured brackets (require only two 3/8" holes to be drilled), makes installation a breeze.

Easily removable and fits easily in your trunk.

AVAILABLE IN CLEAR AND TINTED (Tinted screens are made from tinted material, NOT tinted after the fact with window tint).

I know you guys with Vert's drive with the top up when your wife or girlfriends in the car so her hair doesn't get messed up,:mad: this will keep her hair looking great! :D

Only $185 for clear and $205 for tinted
More info and to order:
Windscreen (http://jlttruecoldair.com/ZenCart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_40_41&products_id=341)