View Full Version : Hey guys

11-01-2010, 02:17 AM
Well, it has been a while. These have been a tough 18 months. I have lost/sold everything. House gone, wife gone, son gone (well GONE, as in abducted, for 6 months. Now I see him often, but he doesnt live with me.), bike gone, car downgraded to an 82 GMC pickup, even my sanity left a long time ago.

Still looking for a job. Unemployment runs out THIS WEEK. I will do ANYTHING for a check. I was an E&I designer, and before that, a field tech for 7 years.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I hope soon to get out and see you guys for dinner. The truck gets about 6 MPG in town. I have been too broke to drag my ass out from the Galleria to join you.

Tried to add pic of William for tonight. Cant find the attachment option.