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03-09-2011, 11:34 PM
March 5, 2011
Tony Sorrentino
P.O. Box 37376
Rock Hill, SC 29731

RE: SVT Cobra Mustang Club / Pro-Dyno donations

Dear Tony,

Thank you again for your ongoing support of our organization. Your generosity in including us in your events helps us on multiple levels - first, by collecting food
donations, over 200 cans of food in November '10 and 247 cans in March '11. Since our food pantry is receiving requests for assistance in record numbers, this food will help us ensure that no family who asks us for help will go hungry. Second, the money donations you have provided to support our programs: $250 in November '10 and $190
in March '11. Finally, just the ability to get the word out about our work to so many people. I regret that my situation has not allowed me to join you these first couple of times, but I will make a concerted effort to get out to your next gathering to meet your folks in person.

I deeply appreciate that you have chosen Pilgrims' Inn as your local non-profit to support. We work very hard to insure that every donation - whether money, food, or
other items - is used to the greatest extent to make a difference for the families we serve.

Also, I have a small"blurb" on our website about your event - if you can email me a picture or two at pilgrimsinn@comporium.net, I'd love to post the pies and expand the language a little. Thank you again for your support, Tony.


Susan K. Dean
Executive Director

236 W. Main Street - P.O. Box 11328 - Rock Hill, South Carolina 29731- PHONE: 8033274227 FAX: 803-324-4007 pilgrimsinn@comporium.net

Pilgrims'lnn is a United Way of York County, SC Partner Agency

03-10-2011, 10:03 PM
Its great to go to a event have a good time with good friends and help a good charity. Congrats to SCMC for being a good role-model to the community