View Full Version : Old, but new again

04-30-2011, 05:48 AM
Hey gang, It's been 3 years since I've last been on the site. I only had a mustang just over a year ago (but just an 02GT). Although it's only been just over a year, I've been out of the modification game for some time and just bought another mustang.
I sold my last one just before I left for Korea (Feb 10). I am less than 40 days out from coming back home and needed another set of wheels so I picked up another 01 Cobra convertable.
This is the 5th Mustang for me and 10th Ford. The last 3 were all convertables. I had a featurette in MMFF back in Dec 08 on my last 01 cobra (Honor Her) when I last visited the site. I had it tuned at ProDyno and built by Dave Moore in Sumter.
I'm not looking to go overboard at this time, but slowing get reacquainted with this new car and make changes as necessary. It's good to be back!
Just renewed my membership and looking forward to seeing some of you back in Fayetteville, NC!!!
The 01 is rio red and only modification is a colored match JLT intake.