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07-28-2011, 08:51 AM
Dear Motorsports Enthusiast:

Have you ever wanted to go really fast on that scenic country road? To see how fast you could really take those curves? Do you like a cash prize for the fastest driver? Here is your chance!

The Robin Hood Rally, a Reality TV Show that gathers amateur racers to compete at high speed on Closed Public Roads, is pleased to announce that it will hold an Open Tryout and a Closed Public Road Race Event at the Eagles Nest Resort in Banner Elk, North Carolina on October 21st-23rd. At stake during the Open Tryouts and Race Event is a Grand Cash Prize of $6,000 going to the Winner of the event, Second Prize is $3,000, Third Prize is $1000, and Fourth Prize is Steak knives. Also at stake is a chance to be chosen as a Participant for the Robin Hood Rally Season 2 (RHR2).

This Race Events are open to all amateur racers and drivers of all walks of life. Please see www.robinhoodrally.com to sign up and for details about the race event.

If you think that you have the driver skill, courage, character, and panache to race on a closed public road for cash prizes totaling $10,000, and want to showcase your skills for a television audience, this is your chance to Sign Up. We received over 1400 applicants last time, and this event is limited to 250 seats. Open Tryout and Race Event applicants pay a fee of $495 for a three day track event on a closed public road with money at stake for the fastest time. That means multiple races on each day. Spectator tickets will also be available.

Currently the Robin Hood Rally is being considered for airing by a number of major networks via Michaelson Productions. Jay Michaelson is a ground breaking independent producer of movies and television. Warner Bros. just released his film "Ex-Terminators" and he just sold his western "The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy" that is due out in theaters this fall. He is also prepping his directorial debut on "ONE" that is set on the backdrop of NASCAR. Some of his past credits include, "Dead Mans Walk," "Rough Riders," "U.S. Marshalls," "Camp Charlie," "Finding North," "Party Girls," "75 Degrees In July," " Holiday In Your Heart," and "Still Holding On". A few of Jay's commercial credits include, Dr. Pepper, American Airlines, Chevy, Direct TV, and Doritos.

For those of you that have followed Season 1, we have had incredibly exciting racing events, great competitors, a really fun and diverse group of cars, and we have helped and touched the lives of terrific people in a number of communities in the Northeastern United States. The racers represent a wide socio-economic mix limited only by their imagination and raw talent. The Season 1 racers are competing in their own equally diverse cars on closed public road courses. These road courses consist of 3-4 mile loops closed road courses similar to the Nürburgring in Europe and Watkins Glen or Virginia International Raceway here in the US.

For the Season 1 Trailers, Photos, Cars, Crashes, and details on how to Sign Up for this event please visit www.robinhoodrally.com.

The Robin Hood Rally Team

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07-28-2011, 09:11 PM
That sounds like a lot of fun!! :)

07-29-2011, 10:39 PM
Yeah, too bad I can't take the Vert without a rollcage.