View Full Version : 96 SVT Cobra Tuner Chip ECM questions ?

08-05-2011, 03:30 AM
My new to me 96 SVT Cobra 39K Miles runs great 90% of the time and erratic enough to cause me worry and needs to be fixed. It will stall from idle and tonight after about an 80 mile ride it started sputtering and missing. All gauges were 100% normal. When I came to an intersection the Revs would run up to 2000 on their own in neutral. I received some answers from the net that it could be the tuner chip going flakey. That sometimes the contacts corrode. Or it could be the ECM. So Where do I find the Chip?
The previous owner said it was a "Super Chip" can anyone tell me the MFG of that?

Mods include no cats, Flowmaster mufflers, new H pipe and K&N cold air kit. If I pull the chip will car revert to factory tune. Will it run with these mods? If I need an ECM can I buy a refurb? If I buy refurb or used must it be a 96 Cobra ECM? My first thought is to pull the chip, clean the contacts, and re-seat it.

I guess that covers it. I'm not familiar with chips. I'm an old school Holley Double Pump guy. Thanks, Spiney-Dave

08-29-2011, 04:02 AM
I think I fixed it! I finally was able to get the kick panel off and get to the ECM. After much coaxing I was able to get the ECM out. When I did I found the Superchip was not seated correctly on the ECM. Further investigation found there was corrosion on both the Chip's contacts and the edge connector on the ECM. I cleaned them up with some Radio Shack Contact Cleaner and a toothbrush. Once I was happy with that, I re-seated the chip and then held it in place firmly with Gorilla Tape. Put it back in, crossed my fingers and she started. Ever since then, about 2 weeks now, she has been running pretty good. I do plan on adding the Hi-Flow Cats and getting a proper tune next spring but for now I'm going to save my money. Thanks for all of your feedback and advice. Spiney-Dave